I have muted the Politics and Satellite boards

And yet all of these politics and satellite posts are now littering my Latest feed. I don’t want to see them. How do I fix it?

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I’ve also muted them and don’t see either of them. Here’s what my ‘Latest’ view looks like

I’ve muted both and don’t get any of that nonsense,

When I created the original Politics boards, I quickly learned that it was a horrible mistake, all that it did was pit Coogs against Coogs. This latest rendition is more of the same and shameful, IMHO.


When I go to Categories and scroll to bottom this is what I see when I pull down ‘Muted categories’

Exactly the same here.

It shows the categories on mute, and for a long while it worked.

But recently, my Latest feed is cluttered with nonsense.

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Maybe go to the bottom of each thread that you don’t want to see and select Normal or Muted

Thanks Steve.

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I run a service where I drive over and mute politics posts from your feed. I don’t come cheap and I prefer a very clean work area. Although I can look the other way if you agree to an auto-draft.



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