I’m going to just enjoy us in the new Big 12

The new big 12 will be a top bb conference and in football it’s gonna be the 3rd or 4th best conference so we should just enjoy this conf then if things break and the pac expands , we’re at the top of the list but let’s enjoy this great new conference. We will have top 10 teams in the the new league. It way better than than the old big East and we can become the Miami or otters in this new league. Don’t waste yrs hoping and just enjoy this new league.


Great suggestion. We belong right where we need to be. We are not West Coast or East Coast. We are in Texas with some of our historic rivals now. Teams that kept the door closed for so long because they feared the potential of the “sleeping dragon.”


College Football should be all about rivalries. Cause face it 90% of schools, you ain’t winning sh*t

So the old conferences had it right.

Kansas, Kansas St, Iowa St, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Colorado—> the Big 8

Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Houston, Texas A&M → the old SWC

These f*cking schools should play each other. But instead, $ and TV contracts ruined everything

So yes I’ll enjoy the Big 12 when we join, but if it blows up and we join the Pac12. I’ll gladly give college sports the :fu:. For ruining things


Only constant in the Universe is change. Like Satchel Paige the great pitcher, said, “don’t look back because something might be gaining on you.”


The “idea” of the changing is great.

But what you’re changing into, isn’t always

Texas and OU sneak off to the SEC for $$$.

Hey, good for UH.

But you’re up the balance of the sport.

The SEC already dominates the attention of college football. Now they add OU, Texas. Maybe they’ll add Clemson and Florida St in a few years.

College Football has learned that conglomerating is great for the pocketbook. But is it good for the fan?

Just like the merging of banks. Or merging of cell phone companies. “Where they’re too big to fail”

It’ll be the SEC way above the rest. Then the Big Ten, then a HUGE drop off to the rest of the schools that dare think they’re as good at football


Some should check today’s Coaches Poll.

Our new Big 12 has 5 schools in the Top 16. BYU, Cincy, Okie St.,Baylor, and UH.

The existing Big 12 has only 3 so ranked.

The Big 12 is going to be really good!


The New Big 12 is going to be the most fun P5 Football Conference if not entirely in FBS.


I actually think the new B12 will be a ghastly conference to win. You’re talking about playing Cincy, BYU, Baylor, and Okie St. Add Tech, UCF, and Iowa State and you’re in for a tough slog. TCU and Kansas State are both competitive most years.

You better bring your A-game every week.

One things for certain. We’ll never have to worry about SOS again.


This is why we need the auto bid for p5 bc of sos and yes the big 12 will be tough to win and tough to get bowl eligible. We’d be playing a slate that if we we’re in the aac, we’d be very happy with the teams playing at our home stadium. Once our recruiting catches up, we will be okay but still a touch conf. West vir beat UT so we won’t miss them or Ou but the rest of the conf and the additions will be tough conf games each week.

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I still also believe this will be a tougher conf than the old swc. West vir replaces Arkansas, Byu replaces Texas and ok state replaces a$m then we have much tougher games vs k state , cincy etc.We’ve grown but this will be our toughest conf. whether people believe it or not. It will be a top bb conf or top 3 and in football , the 3rd toughest and well respected. Iowa st , baylor and tcu are much better than in the old days. Kansas is the only easy one in fb but they beat Texas so maybe no easy wins in fb.


The Big 12 is stronger than was The SWC.

Texas, Arkansas, A$M, and UH took turns winning The SWC.

Right now The future Big 12 has 5 teams in the Top 16 of the Coaches Poll.

And K. State, Iowa State, and TCU all have had very good teams in the recent past.

Top to bottom The Big 12 will be the toughest-ever conference in UH history.


If the new Big 12 stays together and the teams are committed for a decade or so it’s going to prove to be a tough conference to win. I don’t think observers realize how much depth BYU, Houston, Cincinnati and UCF will bring over time if the conference is stable. UCF, in particular, has a chance to really grow their program in the Big 12, if they start nailing the recruiting in Florida.

This conference top to bottom is by far the best imo outside SEC, yes I said it’s better than the B1G FB wise imho. If the SEC is game enough to play us scheduling matchup’s wise, I think we could show them a thing or 2.

Not a chance the Big 12 stays the same for the duration. Maybe combining with another conference like the ACC or whomever, but you can bet in the meantime there isn’t a team in the new lineup that would not jump at moving to a better conference in football.
Buf if is a huge step up for our Coogs and I will take it…


Agreed with toughest conference schedules in the B12. I would have no problem if we have cupcakes on the schedule first few years of B12.

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Yes, I’m also very skeptical that the “new” Big 12 will stay together for long, but was just speculating on the possibilities if it did. I’m actually afraid of losing a team or two before we ever start playing.

Agreed. I’m hoping if a team or two leaves for a better conference, it will be UH among the two.

Like a bull in a rodeo, we have to come out of the gate of B12 conference play with fire in our eyes bucking off anyone that attempts to ride us. We need to become the program that others want to become.

I believe we will.


Making the CFP is going to be almost impossible to do. But atleast there’s a chance.

I doubt we come out of the first season with less than 3 losses.

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Where would they go? SEC got the teams they wanted, ACC is 15 years away from even looking at adding teams, BIG has already said they don’t want ISU or KU and PAC has said there are no cultural fits outside of UH.


I try not to look too much about what the future holds…yes the new Big 12 would be a very exciting competitive conference to watch because at least 8 teams each year have a chance to run the table…and of course the old regional rivalries would be great… but nothing is for certain as the Playoffs still haven’t expanded yet and it’s almost a guarantee the PAC12 is going to expand . It’s only a matter of time and they will get the bigger bucks since they have a few blue bloods and monopolize the West coast. So whichever University gets the call, they will be gone quicker than the speed of light…It doesn’t matter if the Big 12 is a more competitive conference. So anything can happen at this point but I do see good things happening for UH moving forward…

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