I think we'll go 11-7 in conference

Wanted to get this on record early on. FTR, I was planning on posting this before the 14-0 start at Iowa State but had to do a couple things before the start of the game.strong text

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BIG 12 ain’t no joke. Best cbc in the country.


Sure you did.

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I’ll go with 14-4


Geez…that’s a disaster if we lose SEVEN conference games.

I’m hoping 4 MAX.

I’ve been saying we’ll have some trouble in Big 12 play and we may be overrated for weeks and have numerous posts backing that up. And as tough as the league is, 11-7 is still a good run.


We have played terribly. TERRIBLY. And we’re down 10.


Agree. 11-7 puts us at 25-7 heading into the conference tourney. Solidly in line for a 2-3 seed with a chance to move up.


I think we are going to win this game.

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I do too. I think UH will play a lot better and they will get tight.

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Its tight

Lol Kansas won the league with 5 losses last year. 11-7 is realistic


Definitely gonna absorb and dish out some body blows. Get your vocal chords ready for the home games.

We lose 3 - maybe 4 games. Tonight will be a nice teaching point and help their understanding of how difficult and daunting this league will be.

11-7 in the Big 12, 25-7 overall, would be an excellent season, top ten ranking, and a high tournament seed.


Very disappointed in the slow start-seems typical of this team. Tough place to play but CKS knew that and I’m sure he tried to get it over to the team. I’m ready for school colors, which ain’t black and white.


I think we drop 6-8 games. @ISU and @TCU were my first two.

I want the Coogs to win as badly as anyone else, but this conference is full of giants. No shi tzuhs as Kelvin said.

We will be well prepared for March.

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I think for the rest of this month we lose @byu and @ut (hate to say it). 5-3 start wont be bad. There are no bad teams in this conference besides WVU and OKST. 11-7 would be good for how tough this conference is. This will have us even more prepared for March

March is the objective if you can’t win the league. Which is possible.

That’s why the emphasis is on defense.