Idea to get the stadium full no matter what

Pez’s goal should be to get the stadium full no matter what which helps recruiting and the team. So my idea is for Pez to email all alumni or even season ticket holders with an email link to get in free if you don’t already have a ticket up to a certain amount till it’s full so it’s first come first serve. He’d send an email link then you click on it for a free ticket but it will tell you if you got a ticket to download or if we’re full then it denies that entry. He could do this for various games to see how it goes. The other 22000 tickets etc and students are already accounted for so it’s just additive to get the stadium maxed out. The freebie people just pay parking then they buy food etc and it helps all bc we seem to be 10k short. He could do this for various games and me personally I don’t care who gets in free but I want a stadium full. Pez’s job is to get it full no matter how and it would help all of us. It would be a revolutionary way to get it full and there is no use in empties bc they don’t see the game or buy food or help recruiting.


All those upper seats need to be filled and this is a way to get new people there.

Good luck with that.

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Do like the AD did like at U of Michigan back in the day Go to H.S. and offer a Saturday night out for the students and bus them in make it part of the program. Your building a base of possible loyal fans for the future do grades 10-12 only


I’ll email Pez but why not. We have 10k empties which doesn’t help anything. Pez needs to do all he can and whatever he can. The $12 tics was a great move but he has to do more.

$12 is pretty much free. Most other schools charge $50 for those seats


True but we have to go lower then to fill it out. I hate seeing that upper deck empty. Make it where new people can see for free then if demand picks up adjust. He’d have to not make it a policy but here and there so people don’t hold out buying or do it after the season starts and he knows what is sold etc.

This is Pez’s most important job now, filling it up no matter how. There is a way and we need to think outside the box.

Free tickets don’t work. The Coogs tried that awhile back. We ended up with lots of unused tickets in desks at work. Free is perceived as no value. Go Coogs!


Ok $5 or $10 tics then

People can buy and add to their group.

Like the really cheap family packs we used to sell but do more of them.

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People that are paying aren’t going to love giving away seats. You’re basically diminishing the value of their tickets.


What if it’s just those way high up seats no one seems to want. The tics we pay for are better seats so that’s the value.

There aren’t 10k+ seats up there.

Price the way high up as dirt cheap. Many p5s do that

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Making them cheap is another story. But again, there aren’t 10K+ of them.

Agree, giving your product away doesn’t work actually cheapens your product imo. People value things that seems to be out of there reach. Liquor bottling is good example. People may value one liquor over another due to public acclaim and packaging, which UH has athleticallly but just doesn’t know how to capitalize on it. UH AD dept need to learn the art of guerilla marketing. Doesn’t need too be expensive for it too work, just need imagination and a will to try and fail and try something else till it works. Elon Musk understands this.


The solution is win


We can’t fill it even giving away tickets I bet lol

That’s part of it. Michigan packed there stadium during horrid years, you have to create a emotional bond, as well.


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