If TCU Can Do It

So can we… Dykes record at SMU was not much better than CDH’s record here so far…

Relax and show up for games and we’ll be okay… If our defense gets fixed that is…


Statement deriding OP for settling for mediocrity and slamming Holgorson and Pez in 5, 4, 3, 2, …


TCU has been recruiting at the big 12 level for 10 yrs. We have been recruiting at that level for 0 yrs.


I’m actually surprised that Dykes has done as well as he has. I never thought of him as an elite coach.

But the situation is apples and oranges…

TCU had a B12 roster to begin with and Dykes success is built on those players. UH has a middling AAC roster that is stepping up to compete in the B12.

It will be interesting to see if Dykes can maintain that success over time.


Why did they fire their coach then… Because they had great recruits?

3-6 in the Big 12 last year… Next Excuse!!!

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OP is trying to do damage control for Holgerson.

I’m just looking at facts…

Facts are Dykes was the same as CDH at SMU and took over a team that was 3-6 in the Big 12 last year… And now he’s in the CFP…

Doesn’t align with the doomers narrative…


Just to be clear, you’re saying that if a Dykes-led SMU team competed in the B12 this year, they would be in the CFP?


I’m saying Dykes had the same level of success as CDH at SMU and his roster at TCU couldn’t have been that great if he took over a team that went 3-6 in the Big 12 las year…

So, if he can take a 3-6 TCU team and run the table in the Big 12 the next year (Championship game excluded)…

Why can’t we do it with CDH?

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I really don’t know how good a coach Dykes is, but I watched his interview yesterday on the CFP show. He is very well spoken and articulate. He came across as very sincere and professional in every way. I’m sure everyone at TCU is extremely proud to have him as their coach. The TCU job is a great gig and I imagine he will be successful there for a long time.

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We’ve been asking that same question in reference to TCU for almost 2 decades

I don’t know about that. TCU had a pretty solid roster that was underperforming. They lost a couple of close games early in the year and just kind of got their ox in a ditch, as Sonny’s dad would say.

Sounds like our roster from this year…

Not really. They were better at most positions, and they had significantly better depth.

That being said, I don’t know how much the transfer portal impacted them, so there could have been some significant changes. I do know that Sonny Dykes isn’t some mythical coach with a magic whistle. :laughing:

This is cope. The SMU team Dykes took over was much worse than the UH team Dana inherited. It’s really not fair to compare what Dykes did with post-Morris SMU to the crimes Holgo is committing with post-Applewhite UH.

I see the TCU story as the complete opposite of UH’s situation. They had a coach who was underperforming recently so they fired him, and the new coach took them to higher levels.

Meanwhile UH’s coach underperformed this year, but we’re keeping him and expecting big change

Apples to oranges, but if you compare our season to TCU’s season this year, they had about the same amount of close calls that we had. Unfortunately those close ones didn’t go our way.

Had we won those close games even if by a field goal, I think the emotions here would be much different

TCU had 5 regular season games where they only won by 1 score.
SMU scored with 1 minute left to get within 8.
vs Kansas, TCU scored a TD with 1 1/2 minutes left to break a tie
vs Okie State, TCU comes from behind to tie and win in OT.
vs UT, TCU dominates not allowing an offensive TD, but gives up a late scoop and score to make it a 1 score game.
vs Baylor, TCU comes from behind late to win.

So TCU’s close games fall into 2 categories:

  1. Allowing a score late, but leading by enough that late scores didn’t matter. Just made the games look closer on the final scoreboard
  2. Taking control of the game late to come from behind.

None of their regular season 1 score games were the result of blowing ties or 1 score leads at the end of the game like many of ours

It’s why I said apples to oranges

Point im making is that had we won our close games, I don’t think the 75% of this board asking for Dana’s firing would be doing so

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The point is… Give Dana one year in the Big 12 because you never know what can change in one year… As is the case at TCU.

Also, just pointing out that UH Football isn’t quite the dumpster fire a lot of you are making it out to be…

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