If you donated your Cincy tickets to go to the Bowl game

…like I did, I just spoke with the UH ticket office and we are SOL with regards to getting those tickets back. Those who got the donated tickets get to keep them for the rescheduled game on March 1.

Anyone hear any different?

Damn… UH should do the right thing and let the person, WHO ATTENDED THE BOWL GAME, get their seats back… These are good Coogs.

They should give the people who received donated tix some of the student allotment or something like that.


I gave my tickets to a friend and he wants to give them back to me but we don’t know how. Maybe he and I will go together and our charming brides can sit it out.


Did you transfer them to him?


One of 2 thgs to do. They should be sitting in his/her acct n they can transfer them back to ya. Or call ticket office ( which I did today) and they will pull them from his acct n mail you hard copies. Plenty of time to get tiks through mail.



I had situation where I had sold my UC tiks to a fellow Coogfans member here . Well about 3 hrs or so after our transaction it was announced that the game was being postponed. He has Season tiks but wanted a couple more to take family members who were in town. Anyway, I did the right thing n sent him his money back, since the game was now off. Dummy me forgot to ask for the tiks back. Short story is UH Ticket office went n grabbed them out of his acct n are sending me hard copies in the mail earlier today
Hope that helps!

Edit: I first asked them since I had hard copies also if I could just walk up n use them. That’s when he pulled them up n said No they were sitting in the person’s acct I had sent through mobile transfer. Tyler at UH Ticket was very pleasant n helpful to take care of issue.

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Did I miss an announcement about the makeup game? It’s March 1??

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Yeah it was announced today by Coach Sampson during his zoom call with reporters

I sold mine on Stubhub.com and then they canceled the sale. The ticket office says I can’t get the tickets sent to me and they are no longer in my account. I’m so angry.

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I think your best route is to go to StubHub n ask that the tiks be sent back to original owner-- being you. Sounds like the tickets are basically dangling in the air and nobody will be able to use them. Good luck.

Been on hold with Stub Hub for 30 minutes. I don’t think it is going to turn out well for me. Why wouldn’t they just issue new tickets?

Only thg I can thing of is technically the tickets would be in 2 different places. But as you mention, they could just make the orig tiks go away n issue new barcodes of course. It must be a Rights issue w the tiks needing to be in their control or in your acct b4 reissusing them again.
I guess I’m lucky that I sold mine to someone on here n not through Stubhub which I have in the past. :man_shrugging:

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Yep, I am out of luck. I don’t have the tickets and don’t have the money from the Stubhub sale since it was canceled. I’m infuriated that the ticket office wouldn’t reissue the tickets. I am not going to renew my season tickets, which is very sad for me, but I cannot pay for such a poorly operated system.


Re-issuing the tickets should be what they’re doing. In my opinion it’s unacceptable

UH ticket office was so rude. They told me it didn’t matter that Stubhub deemed the event canceled, I said that wad a terrible way to treat a season ticket holder and Issac replied “I don’t care, we’ll sell it out anyway.” Then he hung up on me. I am livid and done with the Coogs.

Wow. That’s terrible. It shouldn’t take that long to resend an email to season ticket holders with that new UC game

Should we all call the ticket office today and complain?

I’m sorry that happened…I’ve always had great service with the ticket office.

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That’s terrible. I know you don’t want to but I would call back n ask to speak to Supv or ask for Tyler. He was the opposite for me and handled situation very professionally. Coog Athletics can’t afford to lose customers bc of these kind of situations. #Unacceptable


I called the ticket office today and Tyler fixed me right up. He transferred my tickets and parking back and emailed me them. Now they are in my phone wallet where they should be. But, like I said I had sent them to my friend who wanted to give them back since I will be here for the game. It took me about 3 or 4 minutes, 5 tops to have everything fixed.

I hear people complain about the ticket office, but in the 45 years I’ve been dealing with them, I have never been treated rudely and I have always been helped. I understand there were a few times that the student helping me made a mistake or had to get someone else to do it, but it happens in every business…