If you enjoy the 70's & 80's

then I think you’ll enjoy our new internet radio station, “Houston Radio Platinum playing Houston’s Classic Hits”.

Thank you Portland for providing permission to post.

I’m Gary Mac, some know me. I’m a career railroader, diehard UH Cougar since 1986 and also a DJ, and have been throughout Texas for many FM stations for many years.

Now, our newest little venture is -
Houston Radio Platinum dot com.

Run by former employees at famed Houston stations such as KSBJ, KODA, KLOL & KBXX.

We are approaching our two year anniversary this coming May and I’ve been with Houston Radio Platinum for 18 months. I hosted Mid-days but due to my main job I had to cut back and am now heard on weekends and Friday Night’s at 7pm central when I host a 6400 high energy show, the Friday Night Powerhits. In May the show due to it’s popularity expands to 3 hours from the current 2.

We are unique (for an internet radio station) in that we are jocked around the clock. Most are just a jukebox. We add personality starting at the top with our Morning Show host Jimbo, formerly one half of the Mad Hatta Morning Show at the Box.

I hope you will give us a listen.
You can download our free app.
Listen on our website HoustonRadioPlatinum.com
Amazon Alexa
All Google devices
and we’re on just about any app, except TuneIn.



Club 6400! Definitely have to check out this show!

Reminds me of the times I would frequent the Lizard Lounge. Early 90s Richmond…lot’s of fun!


Ocean Club, Decadance, Bayou Mama. :grin:

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I need to give this radio station a try. Thanks for sharing!

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I’m calling “bogus.” For those of you, who like me grew up in New York in the early to mid 1970’s, we can’t remember shiyte! The whole decade went up in smoke. :grin:

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Just for clarification, it’s only 6400 on Friday night’s. All other times it’s Classic Hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. :blush: We’re not like the old Energy 96.5 that played the stuff 24/7.

The Beat on Saturday night’s on 104 KRBE…or Q-Zone on 93Q (mid 80s to early 90s)b9ade571bf6f9c4e950befd8ccf0f91f

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Forgot I had this, if anyone would like a preview.



Gary…not sure if you’re associated with this site…

I love the list they’ve generated.

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Hey Gary, Do you want to play something really funky, something you and most of the members here have probably never heard of? If so, I think you should give these songs a listen to and consider playing them on your station:

These guys were big time in Europe and Asia back in the 80’s. They are a Euro Disco band, something most Americans are unaware of, but I think have some of the most funky, awesome dance/disco songs I have ever heard of! If you like this kind of music I could list more of it for you. This is just a small sample.

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I still have CD’s and tapes, gotta find them that DJ’s made for me. Where ever they are THANK YOU and THANK YOU AGAIN. The music was great but the DJ’s made it 10 times better.
This was in the mid 80’s. Do you remember the Q Morning Zoo with Gary Lander (unsure of the name) That radio team was pretty awesome. Richmond was indeed rocking. We were so lucky (still are) to experience the 80’s and early 90’s where the music was so diversified. There was also Grundies (met ZZTop there…had no clue who they were then) Saw Dusty Hill a few times after (great guy)
That final moment…

Thank you for bringing this up. :parasol_on_ground:

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This one was huge, yes mega huge all over Europe

John Lander, Mr. Leonard, the Tookie Bird.

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Pretty good song. I know a lot more that have awesome techno beat and electric synthesizer sound and like this guy’s song their English are not good and you can hear thick accents. I posted the Bad Boys Blue’s songs because their English are very good compared to the others. But I tell you what, these Europeans may sing with thick accents and low-level English vocabularies, but their music are awesome in their melodies, harmony, rhythm, and instrumental usage! Just awesome to the ears! Check a few of the ones I’m talking about here:

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That’s right. Today these shows would be shut down within five minutes.
This is just me but I was not into NUMBERS. That was a bit too extreme for me. I did not like the scene.
Did you DJ at 6400? If so I and my friends want to thank you for the great times we had there.
Houston had a great night life then. From 6400, the Gallant Knight all types of clubs it was awesome. I do not know about now.

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I will be adding some of these in the weeks ahead.

If the question was for me, no I did not DJ at any clubs. They were great though weren’t they! I’m no mixmaster. Wish I was. The jocks that work for Houston Radio Platinum, 80% of them have at one time or another worked here in Houston. I never got the call up, closest I have come was Brenham and K-tex 106.

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I just so happened to have had lunch yesterday with Chris Alan. He use to DJ at KKRW, KLOL, KNRJ (Decadance live from the Tower Theater), KBXX, KKBQ & KMJQ and runs Christian’s Tailgate in West U. Their proud supporters of UH Athletics. I’m always sporting my gear when I’m not in studio. Radio has its perks, today’s pay IS NOT one of them. 20210306_135728

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