In a class by himself

With today’s performance, Case Keenum now has thrown for more than 15,000 yards in the NFL.

Making him the only football player in history to throw for at least 15,000 yards both in college the NFL.

He’s #1 all-time in college, and #160 all-time in the NFL in career passing yards.


He could be a lot higher in the NFL if he had been put in better situations. That’s ok because as a backup for more of his career, he’s been able to get paid and stay healthy.


Man who knows how his career trajectory could have been. I’m just excited and thankful he has taken charge of every opportunity he had ever had. It’s been a fun ride to watch.


If he is retained one more year with the Texans, he will make $3M next year. He will be 36 and have made $55M in his career. He seems healthy and I think he would have a future career as a QB coach in the NFL or college if he wants it.

He may opt to dedicate himself to his faith, wife and child full-time. Incredible career so far and incredible human being.


His biggest issue in the NFL has always been consistency. That’s why he’s the type of QB he is, journeyman, because he shows out at critical times but falls short in the distance.

He’s a better QB than I’ll ever be, but his consistency is why he has never been able to find a home to settle in even as a second stringer.

I’m hoping the Texans keep him as long as he can so he can retire he.


Such an awesome game. Case did it again, overcame all the obstacles and pulled off a miracle. A real H-Town Hero !!


Congrats to Case!


I don’t know if any of you guys listen to 790……I get it through i heart hear in San Antonio.

I enjoy Salisbury because he knows what he is talking about.

Matt Thomas is okay……but I don’t care for Ross and the two of them have gotten too silly for my taste.

Can not listen to Clanton and Wexler “A-Team”….Clanton is fine but Wexler is so condescending to Clanton and treats him like an idiot.

That leaves worst for last Stan Norfleet the guy that took over for ND which I liked….Gordy is with Stan and Gordy knows his stuff for the most part.

Anyway, Norfleet is insufferable and does not get Houston at all……he spent the first half of the week telling everyone that Davis Mills was hands down better than Case….said there was NO WAY case would start because Demeco was not dumb.
This moron sung Mills praises like he was a GD All-Pro QB.
About Wednesday he refused to talk about it anymore and did not and would not take any calls from “Crazy Keenum Fans” anymore……none of us knew what we were talking about and were all a bunch of homers that didn’t know football.

Then Friday morning when Aaron Wilson reported Case was starting myself and others tweeted him asking what his thoughts were….radio silence on twitter and had to have told producer no calls on the subject….he did not utter a word….
This dude is a loudmouth who doesn’t care for Houston and is too damn weak to admit when he is wrong or even discuss.

The big fella has no where to hide tomorrow morning after Case pulled it out today….i really hope this guy gets his comeuppance in the morning.

You don’t EVER count out a Coog, especially one of the best Coogs of all time.


Case has proved a lot of people wrong and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Anyone who has followed him since his college days knows to never count him out.


Hard to believe, but Case has nearly 3X the career passing yards of Kevin Kolb.


Hard to believe that Case is 36!


Keep us posted on what this guy Norfleet has to say today.


Case has played under 7 or 8 offensive coordinators in the NFL in addition to the Air Raid in college.

He’s probably forgotten more about offense than most will ever know.


Salisbury was an NFL quarterback himself, so he’s seen the other side. Thats why I think former players and coaches make the best commentators.

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I am 100% sure if and that’s it if Case wants it he is a future NFL HC.

To be successful in the NFL you need the perfect blend of:
HC that pus its QB using his best abilities…not playing a system the HC wants the QB to play.
Deep OL.
Great RB’s…not only one.
WR’s capable of truly synch with the QB.
OC smart enough to again use his QB best capabilities.
OLC on the exact same page with the QB.
QB C adding to its QB best capabilities.
How many times did Case get the above?
One time with a HC that almost never named him the starter and went to the NFC Championship.
The Vikings lost against the Eagles that won the SB. Instead of adding to the team they got rid of Case. Results since then?
HC fired
Paid a Brickman’s truck for cousins.
Lost their best offensive targets.
Scheduling to get another QB this off season.
Nobody knows what they could have accomplished with Case. But man why break “a formula” that was working.


I did a bit of googling, Steve Mcnair threw 15,010 yards in college and over 30,000 in the NFL.

edit: I see conflicting yards listings for Mcnair, one place on wikipedia says 15,010…another says 14,496…

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And even with that, Case will still be the only guy to eclipse 15K yards passing at both the FBS and NFL levels.


This NCAA site says McNair had 14,496 college passing yards.

Looks as though Chiklets’ facts are spot on.

Case is indeed in a class by himself.

I do listen to Landry and Lopez on occasion and they do there fair share of annoying me. One thing that bothers me is they always think they’re right. Ha