Interesting Big 12 data


That’s a really strong presentation, but they should add some “donate now” buttons before you have to scroll all the way to the bottom. :laughing:

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I’m thinking should only get only better in donations with alum support expanding horizontally as well as vertically as UH profile is elevated and alum get more energized


Wow, that’s an awesome infographic…also it makes me kinda jealous to see that Cinci & UCF are above us in terms of revenue, although I can understand with UCF having the largest student body in the Nation.

UCF brings it

If we continue our trend of success in the Big 12, and another round of realignment occurs, I see us being one of the best prospective schools to add.

Looking at this list just shows how valuable we are before the jump to P5 compared to the other Schools.

We need to keep winning and grow both programs to maintain our power status and grow our brand


We actually do pretty well, hopefully we step up also. UCF does very well to market themselves even when they’re is nothing to market as far as them being in a tournament right now.

Why do you think that is?

I’ve heard from numerous fans (in person & through forums) along with some sports talk radio segments on how much better UH could do in terms of marketing. However, when I stop to think about it, I really don’t know what else can be done, other than releasing algorithms & harvesting ppl’s data to super feed them what they want to see/believe about the program, Cambridge Analytica style.

Media is so expensive in Houston, hard to establish a cost/benefit analysis for additional advertising. Will be easier once we are in the b12 because of reaching regional targets as opposed to the 5 that would come from East Carolina.

Not missing opportunities when handed to them on a silver platter would be one thing UH could have done.

There’s more than a handful of examples posted on this board of UH not embracing opportunities that don’t cost UH a single penny but would bring it millions.

Something relatively simple is to advertise a vision on the athletics website. The UCF deal shows where they want to go and explains what needs to be done to get there. Then, they make it easy to donate to the cause.

Have we ever put forth a comprehensive plan like that so that it’s easy to jump in?

I don’t think buying commercials is the answer, but in a commuter city, those billboards can be pretty impactful.

The forever UH problem has been establishing a killer Football and Basketball program then allowing it to crash and burn.

No consistency. The fans get worked up, start buying tickets and bragging to their friends then see it go to crap.

If Sampson and Holgersen keep us consistently at a high level UH will need little marketing. The problem fixes itself.


I think part of the problem is that our idea of “marketing” in good times has been to just raise prices. We need to broaden the donor pool and season ticket base, and never take a year off from doing it.

Ultimately, people have to decide they’re going to be invested, but many of them need help getting there. Playing B12 teams will make a difference, as will winning, but we have to get to a place where we don’t have to be in the Final Four and a New Year’s Day bowl game to get people on board. That’s not particularly realistic. :laughing:


Work from the inside out, work your alum and fanbase, with the hope they infect the friends and family members to become fans.


Thanks for replying. I’ll have to search the Forum History for that.

Since I’ve only started following UH Sports (mainly Football, Basketball & Soccer) since 2015, I can only judge from 2015 to the present, and I don’t see how they could’ve done any better that the massively successful “H-Town Takeover” media campaign of 2015-2016 imo.

Of course, the thing about that marketing tactic was that it was accompanied by great success on the field, but I feel that that success slowly faded away between late 2016-2020, just as on field results were less than stellar.

I’m optimistic for the future tho.

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I feel that part of the reason media & marketing aren’t as lit, to use the parlance of our time, as we would hope is because of the ebb & flow of success, which I’ve learned is typically due to successful coaches leaving the program for greener pastures.

The success of last season (regardless of Strength of Schedule) and the last minute push by Fertitta & Co. to get us into the B12 make me feel optimistic for the future tho.

I know it won’t happen, but it may not hurt to get someone to speak to Tom Herman and get more ideas from him. He did hit a home run with the H-Town campaign

I kind of doubt it was his idea, but he sold it like it was.

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Work the current students especially. Promote the value of athletics to the apathetic non athletic
students that are at campus. Promote the health benefits of being active. Use the track and field guys to promote on campus walks and runs and races, giveaway T shirts, mini basketballs , food during the week and not just to student attending games, but in addition too. We need to prime the pump of
healthy lifestyle


I believe Herman started with visiting Greeks and embarrassed them into attending more games . They brought dates and the idea became cool to tailgate and go to games . Word spread across campus . Winning helped a lot beating Oklahoma set the whole thing on fire !