Is K-State the new leader of the Big 12?

Now that UT and OU are on the way out, it seems that Kansas State is the defacto head honcho of the Big 12.

They were the main advocates to expand with UH and the others and broke the news that The Big 12 was going to expand

They called out Kansas and other schools for trying to run out the door on The Big 12 and everyone quieted down the rhetoric. (At least publicly)

K-State AD was the first to say that there wont be a dip in revenue with the new adds.

They broke the news about the four corner schools, especially the Arizona guys reaching out to The Big 12

K-State AD speaks on the new Big 12 commisioner and how impressed they are with UH, UCF, BYU and Cincy


There may be more hatred between those two schools than any in college sports.

Rightfully so. KU position was like a Groom getting married then telling his bride that night he like to talk her pretty girlfriend and wants a open marriage


I don’t know if they are necessarily THE leader of the conference, but I do appreciate all their leadership in keeping the conference viable.


KState is growing on me. I would definitely consider them a leader. There are some good folks over there. I’m looking forward to getting to know more of them.


This is interesting. Previously most attributed this sort of leadership to Mac Rhoades. Sounds like K-State was an important voice telling the schools to get over themselves involving G5 invites, though, which was a critical step.

It’s really kind of interesting that schools I never had an opinion about, like K-State and Arizona, are becoming teams I like. Others that I liked, Utah and Oklahoma State, are falling in my view. I’ve even found Baylor fans to be unexpectedly cool.


Peeling back the onion.

Baylor fans are really good folks.

The issue is Tech fans. They can be ridiculously unpleasant at games.


Tech fans jabbed the goalpost into the ATM visitor’s section. I was surprised the school didn’t get a lawsuit out of that. The ATM AD was in the stands and his family had to hustle to keep from getting hit.

Last year at NRG I got into little argument with some 20 something year olds talking mess about UH.

They obviously were drunk and conceited.


On one level it’s honestly kind of nice to be in a conference where fans care enough to get drunk and belligerent while attending away games.


WOW, great stuff, Red Dragon! Very fresh, very interesting, THANKS! I love Kansas State because they are hard core, die hard Big 12 to the bone.


That’s quintessential, old school handshake stuff.

I like KState but they don’t strike me as head honcho material. I really don’t know who fills that role in the Big XII now that OU has one foot out the door.

I don’t think they have a choice.

Kind of like Washington State, diehard PAC12.


And they have to live in Lubbock.

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Well what else would K-State say? They don’t have very many options outside of keeping the Big 12 together and relevant, right?

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What I remember about K-State is their legendary and Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Snyder. He had two turns as HC. He retired and then they brought him back.He never had top ranked recruiting classes but won with a lot of JUCO’s. Here are some highlights I pulled up.
During the 1998 season, Kansas State posted an undefeated 11–0 regular season and earned its first number 1 ranking in the national polls, just ten years after being named the worst program in the country by Sports Illustrated. They lost to the Texas A&M Aggies in the Big 12 Championship Game, which has been called one of the greatest games played. The loss stopped them from reaching the National Championship and sent them to the Alamo Bowl, where they lost and finished the season 11–2. In the 2003 season, the team won the Big 12championship — the school’s second major conference title and their first since 1934. At the time, the 69-year gap between conference titles was the longest in Division I history. They beat #1 ranked Oklahoma in the 2003 Big 12 Championship Game, 35–7. Leading up to the game, many college football analysts called Oklahoma one of the best teams. With an 11–4 record in 2003, Kansas State also became the only team in the country to win 11 games in six of the previous seven years and just the second program in the history of college football to win 11 games six times in a seven-year stretch.
K-State has every right to think they are one of the driving forces in the Big 12.


It looks like Gundy and OSU are stepping into that role. Publicly saying OUT should not be at Media Days.


I’m glad Gundy spilled the beans we all.pretty much have figured out what he
blurped out about adding schools soon.