Is Matthew going to affect the game with Navy?

According to projections the upper bands may or may not be hitting the Annapolis area by 2 PM game time Saturday …

Link …

Regardless it will be cutting it close if the hurricane slows down along the way …

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if our game with Navy gets cancelled. It might be hard leaving, I don’t think arriving would be an issue but leaving would be if the forecast holds up.

oh…there’s a hurricane named Matthew coming their way alright…and it ain’t coming from the Atlantic


I hear this hurricane is so strong, it could break your face…


Yes. After being out last week, Matthew Adams is going to have a huge impact on this game against Navy.


Matthew will have little to no impact !!

Adams, on the other hand, will !!

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Navy should be more concerned about Hurricane Oliver.


Jokes aside, can we expect heavy rain? If so, our advantages will be significantly hindered.

Yeah I’m hoping this hurricane doesn’t mess with the trip to DC or the game. I wonder what their options are for changing the game time.

i thought you were referring to MDCOOG

The smart thing to do is to move this kick off to noon ET and get three more hours ahead of the weather

Hope Matthew doesn’t effect the game. I remember when Ike was coming, A&M moved their game with Texas State to Thursday. Caused hell with attendance. I have never seen Kyle Field that empty for a football game. Didn’t one game get switched to the visitor’s home field last year due to a storm?

I’m afraid that the storm will screw up flights beginning early Saturday afternoon. I was thinking of changing to 5:30am out of Baltimore but not sure if I could leave Annapolis and get there during the storm. May have to ride it out and reschedule for Monday. This thing is destined to bother flights in Philly, NYC & Boston. Timing for the game looks incredibly bad.

Easy fix… move game to TDECU. Fill her up!!!


I’m all for this idea. Sunny with 0% forecasted for this Saturday!

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Too soon to tell. Check the weather on Wednesday or Thursday when the forecast will firm up for Saturday.

As of today, the game will be fine to go on. 40% chance of light rain for the day, but timing is uncertain. Friday and Sunday look good. It does not look like there will be any issues with airports in the area on those days.

Maybe they will move the game to TDECU… That would be nice haha.

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That would be so weird. Moving a game from Maryland to Houston to avoid a hurricane.

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