Jamal shead & UH assists records

Jamal is now top 10 in UH history for total assists with 345


By seasons end, he’ll probably be in 7th place all time (between that 400 to 500 range)


That’s a pretty salty list ahead of him


No kidding. I don’t know Joe Hamood, but not a surprise as he was sooooo long ago. and I don’t know Ken Ciolli. But with all the other names around them, I know they were badasses too.

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He’s technically a rs-sophomore. So two more years after this year. Is Reid in trouble if Jamal plays all 5 years?

If he stays heathy and plays two more years Reid should start sweating.

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My old memory does not recall what Ken was famous for, but I do believe something like he scored the 100th point in several games. Brings back memory of “Chicken Man” with the Rockets. He always seemed to score the points required for everyone attending the games to get free chicken. Someone on here should remember what it was that Ciolli did, similar to that . . . . .

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He is an ideal PG! Has all the qualities and abilities that you look for in a PG!

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Goldwire was dishing out dimes in his short UH career!


8 assists away from passing Rob Williams (who played from 1979-82)


Going to get to # 3 next season
Solid shot at #2
Big season could get him to #1

#1 seems attainable! Hopefully him and Mark return for their senior year. I could see Mark doing the NBA draft process but returning. Mark, Shead, Arceneaux and Sharp could make a solid foundation for next year’s team.

And that’s before dipping our toes in the portal.


You guys need to remember that Reid was only a starter for one year I think. His freshman season it was Rob Williams and then it was Alvin Franklin.

I am in an auto repair shop lobby and my media guide is not available, but look up single season assist records and see what his single season record was.

Reid averaged 6.1 apg; Jamal is averaging 4.

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Ken Ciolli, that’s a name I had pretty much forgotten. Ciolli to Birdsong was a strong combo.


Roberts will be back next year?

Very strong!

Have seen Kenny sitting behind the bench in several of our road games. I imagine the opposing team and fans thought he was a student manager rather than the starting PG, but he was tough as nails

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Jamal is averaging 5.6 assists per game this year.

I went by per game for his 64 games. In his senior year Reid had 309 assists for 8.35 apg.

Rk. No. Player G Years

  1. 309 Reid Gettys 37 1983-84
  2. 209 Reid Gettys 34 1982-83
  3. 208 Reid Gettys 30 1984-85

Jen Cioli played from around '76 to '79 (?). He was a good point guard in every way except scoring. In the NCAA against Notre Dame and Kelly (most over rated player ever) Tripuka, they did not even guard him. I believe he graduated and went on to become a medical doctor.

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