Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher set to be fired from Texas A&M today. Would hiring him spark excitement in the UH fanbase and help turn things around ?

In terms of quality of coaching, I’d say yes. Although, he lost with unlimited funding at A&M. The SEC is a different beast in relation to talent and coaching.

I’d say, take a shot and see what happens. Anything is better than CDH.


Hell no.


Their message board is blowing up. Lol

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U have got to be kidding wow, he is washed up like Holgorsen, has been since we beat him in the Peach Bowl, he is getting 70 million, he won’t have any fire in the belly after that


Jimbo is getting paid $75M, he’s about to live the good life…chillin’ and grillin’


Who are they getting?

Wouldn’t be surprised if WVU didn’t try to snag him.

Jimbo will get another opportunity. I just don’t want it to be here.


Has to be Urban Meyer level. Now way they move now for an OC or no name


The SEC west is an animal, where every team is a national contender… the worst SEC west is Mississippi st, that is actually good

I actually wouldn’t mind jimbo, the big 12 in football is closer to the acc than SEC…and he was a regular title contender at FSU
The Dana comp is nonsense… Dana has never reached the heights or consistency as jimbo …

Jimbo wouldn’t be the worst hire…I normally try to avoid retreads but I’d make an exception for him… especially when we don’t have an obvious home run right now


If he came on a Gus Malzahn type discount, it wouldn’t be the worst hire imo. Just no fully guaranteed contracts lol


Wow after that win? Maybe they knew it and played loose.

Stoops, Fischer, now waiting for a Harbaugh thread to add the ridiculous coaching suggestions.


There is a lesson to be learned from Aggie…$$$ doesn’t solve everything/anything. They have the most loyal fan base in the country and some of the deepest pockets and it has amounted to jack squat.

Absolutely NO to Jimbo Fisher. He’s basically Sumlin with Jameis as his Johnny Manzell or Case.

Let’s go get someone who can COACH. Troy Calhoun at Air Force, Willie Fritz. One of these proven 1-AA winners. We don’t need to win the press conference. Enough with the names.


We already had a Dabo one so why not. Honestly the board’s setting their sights to low. It Kirby or bust!

Chadwell…Hartline ??


Let’s just ask A&M who their second choice is after they hire their new coach and then hire them.

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What’s going on with Air Force, lost to Hawaii last night?

Being me Lashlee or Hartline.

EDIT - thank you Bandera!

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Lol no to Jimbo. But the next Aggie coach should hire Holgorsen to be their OC.


are we familair with jimbo record, or just speaking rhetoric???

jimbo is averaging 9-4 on non Winston years… they were top 10 the year before winston…he finished #4 for a&m just 3 years ago… his is 6-4 right now, and just beat mississippi stated 51-10 just yesterday

he has been bowl eligible every single year but last year in the his entire coaching career… the dana and sumlin comps make no sense, even a little to me

i think you guys are putting a generic “retread” label on him and giving him generic failures of a retread that arent true for him…
fisher wouldnt be my 1 but he is no sumlin

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