Jordan Brand

Cincy fans on their board seem to think that they are going to secure Jordan brand in the near future. Can there be two in one conference?

UCLA and Michigan will be in one conference. So will OU and Florida.

So yes.

and OU and us next year

Seems right since Cincy started it all in the late 90s under Huggins. Always liked the Jordan Cincy shorts from those days

Why doesn’t UH or Jordan Brand sell UH Jordan brand coaching polos??? They are sold for all the other Jordan brand schools.



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I’ve seen them for sale in the team store at Fertitta before.

Really??? I’ve been looking for that Polo for the longest time. I’ve looked to all possible internet sites. You for sure can’t find it anywhere now!

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I’m sure they are sold out now, but I’m fairly certain I saw some Jordan polos on the rack at Fertitta towards the beginning of the season.

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I think they’ve had polos 2 years now. The red one

Guess i need to be ready to pounce at beginning of next season! I don’t recall how early i went into the FC gift shop this season, but i never saw any. With our high success this season, maybe they will invest in a bigger inventory for next year! Go Coogs!

They were Jordan brand? I didn’t think the FC sold anything Jordan brand. Every time I have been in there I have never seen anything Jordan brand.


I’m wondering if we are going to become a Jordan brand for football too.

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Add in both Georgetown and Marquette in Big East that both are under Jumpman


That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I’d really like to have that Polo. I’m not saying there never were any to be had, I’m saying they are not available anywhere now! At least not that I can find.

the red jumpman polo is not sold anywhere online

It was earlier this year through the online UH bookstore. That’s how I got mine.

UH apparel needs to be launched like a XII school. I want the hat that Bun B and Paul Wall have from fb season. I know these are athletics only clothing, but there’s so much money left on the table by not marketing gear like other schools do (e.g. UCLA).


I have two of the basic red jumpman polos i bought in the first year they came out and would buy ever single different polo the coaches wear if they were available.

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