Jordan Moore suspended indefinitely for unspecified violation

WOW! Come on!


What the heck, man!?!

He and his brother (Bonghorns) both suspended.
What are the odds?

My response on here to these type things.
Why torture myself?

Bright side is that we really don’t know how good he is other than he was pretty solid out of HS and then going to A&M.

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Sounds serious…

I am comforted that this allegation was not swept under the rug. I hope that Jordan Moore gets a fair investigation and what I don’t want is for Moore to get preferential treatment because he’s good at football.

Thanks Applewhite!

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Poop, was hoping this had blown over but allegations must be serious.

What did he do?

No one’s saying anything specific yet. Clearly, it’s pretty major but not an arrest either because that would be public info.

Regardless of the reason, this is one of the negatives when bringing in a player from another school. I realize some stick and help, while others never live up to their potential.
I also realize that DH is in a situation where he has to gamble and piece together a team as quickly as possible. I say give him a couple of years and he will have us where we need to be…


I’m thinking this suspension is to give more time for a proper investigation into circumstances, otherwise he would have been kicked off the team awhile ago. He hasn’t been arrested nor has he been expelled from school. There has been smoke about this for a few weeks now, so the university is probably taking every precaution, which is good. Kids will be kids and mess up sometimes.

Idk how serious it is but he retweeted this an hour ago.

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tough break

I wish him good fortune and that he can get his life straightened out. Thats the most important thing right now. We sure could use him. Hopefully we can see him on the field in the near future too.


Usually one sibling influences another. This seems to be an act of caution…as in, let’s let the investigation conclude in case this blows up in our face.

Frankly I’m relieved it’s being handled this way. Kudos to everyone for using discretion.

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Quite often the younger watches the elder live the wild life and sees that road isn’t so easy… I did

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