Just for fun. Brand loyalty. Favorite brands?

I was talking with a friend who is working towards launching a web-based, multiplatform business, driven by ad revenue focusing on two enthusiast groups.

I started thinking about brand loyalty and fanboyism and what brands people are enthusiastic about. For me, I’m not over the top with anything but the closest I get is Oakley sunglasses, Igloo coolers, Stone Brewing Co and of course everything Houston Cougars. I used to be obsessed with Absolut as a brand but I’m long since over it. Trying to think of more…

Just for discussion, how about y’all? What brands are y’all loyal to? Any that y’all can think of that a lot of people love but you don’t understand the hype? Any that you love but are embarrassed about?

Some I think a lot of people are going to say is Apple, Jeep, Starbucks, Disney, Nike, Whataburger and Buc-ees.

LL Bean is mine


Victoria Secrets mail out catalogues


Miller lite


Dockers pants. Not so much their shoes and stuff, but I really like the way the pants fit me.

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Craftsman tools for a long time, not so much anymore


DeWalt, and Samsung for me

One i don’t understand Nike, Milwaukee, Jordans (not related to UH)


Ryobi here. Admittedly not as good as Dewalt. But for
light duty, non professional use, it meets my needs and price point.
I’m admittedly cheap though.Kinda get locked in to the proprietor battery system too.


Coppertone :blush:

When I bought my house in 2008, I bought a bunch of Craftsman tools. When my 94 year old grandfather passed away a few years ago, I inherited his Craftsman tools and the difference in quality is unbelievable. His stuff was so much heavier and just built like was intended to last. Even now that a lot of my stuff and his stuff are side by side, it’s easy to tell the difference.

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Used to be, craftsman was solely available at Sears, and all hand tools had a lifetime warranty. When Sears folded they sold the brand name :confused:

Remember when Subaru sold an LL Bean edition Forester? That’s two brands with some loyal following. Similar to Eddie Bauer Ford Expeditions I suppose, although I’m not sure either of those brands have the same following.

I grew up with LL Bean when they were a northeast company. Their stuff just seems to last forever

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LL Bean had a lifetime no-questions-asked guarantee & free shipping on everything

Then times & people changed – low-lifes figured out you could buy ancient LLB gear at thrift shops & garage sales and then mail it back to LLB for brand-new stuff so LLB dropped the lifetime guarantee

Blue Bell ice cream, Mrs. Baird’s bread, Ball Park franks, Kraft Miracle Whip, Miller Lite, Florsheim shoes, Hershey’s chocolate, and Dr. Pepper are all I can think of.


Desitin maximum strength ointment - cures any rash, cut, abrasion

(Hell gray aliens could abduct you, suck your heart out and steal it back to their planet - this ### would go get it, bring it back, and weld your chest closed and you’d never know the spaceship was in the neighborhood)

Adidas/Puma athletic attire. I really wish we were an Adidas and not Nike school.
Southwest Airlines for domestic flights. No baggage fee. Cancel anytime. Singapore/Emirates for international.

Samsung for phones, Nike for most shoes, Thorlos for running socks. I guess Google can be thrown in there with gmail, search, translate, etc. There are some that are just habits. Pretty much always used Crest toothpaste, but if they disappeared tomorrow I would not care. Same with Folgers coffee. Back before the craft brewing explosion, it was Shiner but now mostly local Texas beers.

Taylormade irons. I’ve had tm irons for about 13 years now and not the same ones.

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New Balance-shoes

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