Kansas Assistant AD admits Conference Realignment upcoming / Pac Football struggles articles

“We have conference realignment coming up. We have to show that we care about football. We have to show that we have the resources. We have to show that we have the winning product on the field…”

I’ll alert the media about this shocking development! Who would have ever thought such a thing was possible. I mean other than everybody.


Kansas football was dealt a blow when Nebraska, Missouri, and Colorado left. Basically lost all of their rivals and recruiting areas other than Texas and most Texas kids aren’t going to pick Kansas over everybody else.

If it wasn’t for basketball, Kansas would be no better than Iowa State at this point.

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B12 has been threatening the football world almost since the last one happened. I’ll believe it when I see it.


Yep. Duh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s some brutal honesty about the joke that passes for KU Football. Probably some object lessons as well.

But I believe realignment is going to be brutal. And if the Big 12 doesn’t admit Houston they are digging themselves a hole. Because someone else will want UH so they can plant a flag in the (now) No. 8 media market in the US.

We’ve danced with the SEC a few times. They know we’re here. And 3 SEC states already have 2 teams. That’s a pretext. Not a problem.

It’s going to be a very explosive situation with a lot of people’s hair on fire. It will happen very quickly once it starts. UH needs one or maybe 2 more NY6 games to secure a spot.

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Indeed they do - and Texas is much bigger than any of those 3 states! OU and UH to the SEC makes so much sense that they will ignore it probably! They did not “take over the whole state of Texas” by taking atm like they thought they would!

When was the last time the SEC added a second team in one state? Answer: 1932 when the conference first formed. Two teams in a state is a relic from a bygone era before TV and way before the conference network era. The last 4 schools to be invited are all the lone SEC flagship in their states. South Carolina, Arkansas, TAMU and Mizzou. Of all the expnasion scenarios that UH fans trot out, the SEC is the least likely.

which is why I keep saying these next 2 seasons are so pivotal

We won’t get a chance to play OU again. We have to show out

SEC, not in play per Khator during a conversation, period.
ACC or PAC most likely per her comments.


I prefer the ACC. I just don’t like those hippies in the PAC 10.

Yeah, I know, but whatevs.


I think we’re gonna do great the next couple of years and be hugely attractive to PAC, ACC Big 12 when time comes…and it IS coming…

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I don’t mind them because we will let them do the talking and beat them silly on the field.

For the ones saying we have no chance with the SEC two things are certain.
I/You do not know.
In case SEC wants us we are in. Not even atm can block our entry.

If Flaloogie doesn’t tweet it 5 or more times in a day… i’m not buying it.


So why hasn’t Greg Sankey picked up the phone and called Dr. Khator?

Kansas almost got left out the last time. They were on the outside looking in with Baylor and Iowa State when the Pac 10 was attempting a raid of the Big 12. There was talk of Kansas joining the Big East. It became clear that basketball rides the short bus in terms of realignment.

Now, there is a real chance they could move to the Big 10. They are not spending $325M on the football stadium/practice facility with an eye of staying put. They want to be gussied up and ready to dance when the music starts.

I’m guessing they have had some behind the scenes discussions with Nebraska (and OU) that would lead them to believe spending that money improves their chances.

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EatEmUp - I still recall a conversation you reported that you had at a UH basketball game a few years back with folks that had some, at least what you felt, credible knowledge about expansion regarding UH and the SEC.

Looking back on it do you feel that knowledge is still pertinent to the conversation today?

No, I do not, unfortunately. The trouble is that the SEC taking us and OU makes just too much sense; that is the reason it will probably never happen! Those two would make a heck of a lot more sense than Arkansas & Missouri!