Kansas Coach thoughts on NIL and Transfer Portal

2 time National Champion Coach, Bill Self was in Houston thus weekend

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He doesn’t like either one.

Its a tough balance. Cause ignore his concerns and maybe you see another Hall of Fame coach retire early. Only 59 yrs old.

Jay Wright was 60.

Old coaches will retire due to nil and transfer portal. It takes the idea of player development out and We know how much CKS loves that aspect. This whole think is stacked against coaches like CKS. No wonder Jay Wright decided to retire. This is too much headache that he wants to handle at this point and I am sure expedited the retirement of coach K. Championship is the only reason CKS has not announced his retirement, I believe.


All great points. College sports is surely in transition. We all remember the effects of “one and done” All schools have to adapt to it. An atm not winning big soon is going to be viewed even more negatively than before.

Does anyone think the prospect of the portal will cause coaches to play deeper into their bench and give kids more minutes?

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Hmmm, maybe more guys will see action later into the season like January-ish. But overall, i dont.

I think all coaches just tighten their rotation to 7-8 as you get closer to March.

I mean why red shirt people that probably won’t be there? Seems like a gamble.

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Oh i agree. Redshirting, i think is over for most schools. Players wanna play.

And with the transfer rules, it is more like AAU, where Coach isnt in control as much. Players go where they can play immediately

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If Bill self retires I’ll try my hardest to appear sad.

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When did CKS say any of this? That’s a lot of supposition to project onto a coach that has only publicly spoken in positive or neutral terms about the portal.

Also, Coach K is 75 years old. Retirement for him was past due not expedited.

Bet it wasn’t bad when Remy Martin was sending teams home in the tournament :rofl:

Woah! That’s quite a statement of just pure speculation. We’ll see! I’m sure not taking CKS for granted and enjoying every step of the way.

:beers: Cheers to a great 2022-23 season.

Kellen can handle the portal and NIL crap and CKS can listen to Kellens advice about players and CKS can evaluate them and make final decisions as to who he wants no problem


If you hear his interviews this is exactly how things go down according to CKS!!!

Agreed with Self about young kids not battling through tough situations and taking the easy way out, but there was too many restrictions in them leaving when there was no portal. Sometimes a 17 year old kid gets bamboozled by a smooth talking coach and goes into a situation where its a bad fit for him. Bad fit socially, culturally. Bad fit scheme wise. Personality clash and the coach wasn’t allowing the kid to leave or go where he wanted to and then having to sit out a year. The thing that Self is most mad about is that it’s taken a little bit of juice out the blue bloods bags and they don’t hold all the cards anymore. All of a sudden you have programs like Houston that are up n coming that can compete at every level and it’s just 1 or 2 years. It’s an every year thing.

I don’t think redshirting is over - it will be for the the big schools, but there will still be guys on those rosters who will redshirt and then have more years available when/if they transfer. Once this freebie COVID year finally goes away, those redshirt transfer portal kids with multiple years left will be big again. Those mid-majors and lower schools who are trying to build kids will always have those redshirts.

But when you add so called NIL deals to the equation it becomes a program nightmare. Too much bidding going on behind close doors.
I don’t think anyone has to worry about guys like Sampson, Self and a few others leaving anywhere before they retire. So stability is not the problem some places

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Okay, let us all shed a tear for another self-delusional and entitled 59 year-old multimillionaire who complains that he can no longer control the futures of young men who make his career possible.

If Bill Self can’t handle the new reality, then he should quit and go sell snake oil or reverse mortgages.


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