Kansas Game Attendance Predictions

25K…. If we would have won at Tech it would have been 30k plus.

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Over 30k

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Shame but true

If someone is not gonna go to this game because we lost the last one, they probably don’t need to be there anyway




29k announced 25k there.

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They would probably cheer for Kansas to win so CDH would move up in the hot seat rankings. So sad how some people think. Earlier someone actually said they hoped we lost games. Who are these people that suddenly crawl out of the woodwork and start their incessant complaining? Not real fans for sure.

24.3k there

Tickets sold 27k

I’ve been looking forward to our home game and it’ll be my birthday so I’m asking for a win and a good win where we smash them by 30+ points.


We need a good performance, hopefully we get a decent crowd. Its the home opener against a Big12 school but its midday in September, might rain and we just loss. So I’m not sure

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High of 90 and 50% chance of rain… Can’t say I’m optimistic for a large crowd.


the rain will cool things down. Panchos work great, like having a little tent

26k because it starts at 3 pm.

Our crowd is more like the Wicked Witch. "Rain, I’m melting, I’m melting "

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I enjoy watching a game in the rain when I am nice and snug in my pancho. The clouds take away the direct sunlight which helps tremendously.


I just remember that Rice game Keenum lite it up. I was surrounded by fans then it started to rain and no one stayed in their seats but me and handful.

Yeah but the humidity is gonna be brutal if the rain stops😂

If someone is uncomfortable then I can understand them leaving although I was incredibly uncomfortable during that 2016 Navy rain fest game but we sat in our seats. I ruined a nice UH hoodie in the process.
I would rather sit in the rain than the heat but I will do both to watch the Coogs!

particularly if the wind doesnt blow at all. That is the worst condition possible. But it will be worth it, am I right?