Khator deleted her twitted

She said, " It’s not the end of the world because we lost to Army". People responded very negatively to her statement. Someone said " no but it’s the end of UH football"


I suppose that’s gospel to you because it’s on the internet.

Go boycott.

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Sure it is. It’s all over. The end is nigh. You and UHSigep should be out on the street.


This isn’t towards everybody, but it would be nice if most of the people flipping out would pony up the money to help out. I imagine that quite a few responding to her aren’t doing that.

For those that do donate to the department, thank you.


…but I think most of us knew we would end up in this situation when we hired CMA. We were high in the college football world and were in demand and we go with the mediocre offensive coordinator that happened to be a Longhorn. On top of that Tilman threw gasoline on the fire with his contract demands. THAT was the time to make sure we made the best hire possible…all of the rest is predictable.

Applewhite wasn’t even on my list of candidates…‘maybe’ we give him a courtesy interview but that would have been the end of that.


I am not proud of how UH fans reacted to this loss. Extraordinarily embarrassed that people elected to harass Dr. Khator. If she leaves, we are truly screwed. I hope these delusional UH fans step off the darn ledge and get it together. They are the true embarrassment.


You’ve obviously not seen how LSU or Alabama fans react to not covering a spread. If you’re going to tweet after that complete meltdown, be ready to hear about it. I’m guessing she did so to gauge the temperature of the water. She now has an idea and that’s good. The embarrassment was Saturday on the field.


She’s not leaving because of a bowl game loss lol… There’s more to her job than UH football


No but people who are taking this to an extreme and harassing her because of a loss is embarrassing. Most of us aren’t even high enough up to weigh in the final decision. So to directly message her and say if we keep Applewhite its in itself mediocrity of the school and the people who did the hiring? Some people take that harder than others. You’re forgetting, She is in charge of the whole system, gets donations, post on social media, is a board member of the AAC, works a 7 to 7 and still manages to go to a 4 hour long football game.


She might leave because we have an extremely emotional and unintelligent fan base who wants to do nothing to support the team while expecting mommy Renu and Daddy Tillman to solve all their problems. I’m sorry but the UH fan base is horrible.


Tillman is the one who got us applewhite.


Exactly…I’m guessing close to NO ONE on this board had Major Applewhite in their top 3 candidates list last time around…especially since they publically offered Herman a raise demonstrating they had the money to make a quality hire.

It was an ‘on the cheap’ continuity hire and our program has been heading down hill ever since…its not that hard to trace it back to the hire and that is ON Tilman, Renu and the departed Hunter.


Sorry for having expectations. Merry Christmas!

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Not really. It was the best candidate willing to accept the terms that were offered. I highly doubt Tilman Fertitta will have those terms for the next candidate. I think he was emotional during the last hire after the BigXII rejection and realizing that you can throw all the money you want at someone, but it doesn’t mean they will love UH like you do. He won’t make the same mistake twice.


People who do not do as much for this university as Khator or Tillman, really should stop blaming and harassing them for what has turned out to be a poor decision. There has only been one perfect person on this earth. Ever! If they walked away tomorrow, where would we be? Some probably ought to think about that. Let’s show a little constraint. Merry Christmas Coog Nation! Peace and joy to the world. Go Coogs!


That’s the nature of twitted. If one participates there they should know this.


The Prez isnt leaving because a few schmoes sending some tweets or whatever it is these days…this is romper room compared to what most schools would have reacted to that performance


Exactly. Football may be the most important sport but it’s far from the most important thing Renu works on.
To say that fans, supporters, alumni can’t comment positively or negatively to university administration is ridiculous. That’s kind of like this board at times. If you can’t say something absolutely glowing about the program you are cordially uninvited to post.

Y’all do realize she got UH a med school? UH’s profile (other than this year’s football team) is on the upswing. The building boom in the areas adjacent to campus mean investors believe in the continued growth and prosperity of the University, which has accelerated during her tenure. Even UHD (my school) has benefited from her leadership of the UH System. I can’t believe people tweeted her about the game making demands or getting in her face over the program. That is kinda scary. If we dump on her and Tilman on the boards, that is one thing, as she can choose to not read our comments.


It’s one thing to voice displeasure on Twitter and another thing to harass or threaten. Dr. Khator, Tillman and Pezman are adults and understand what they’re exposing themselves to by participating in the Twitter-verse. You’re going to get a reaction to overreaction from the general Coog populace when the team gets whooped and embarrassed, mainly because we care. I’ve been around when no one cared. I’d rather have a whole bunch of dumb reactionary tweets post butt whooping than crickets after that game. Don’t chastise the fan base for their passion.