Kim Mulkey leave Baylor for LSU

Didn’t see that coming,

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Mack Rhoades is the AD there - say no more.


I wonder who is going to transfer out. Kinda late in the process so don’t know how much that would play into action.

8th grade asst coaches all across the country are applying for the job as we speak


I always remember her as that little girl with the long pigtail playing for La. Tech in the ladies final four.

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I always remember as the coach giving a weird-a** post game presser after losing in the tournament this year.


I’ll always remember her as the coach that told Brittney Griner to stay in the closet.

Not surprised. She’s a Louisiana girl.

She’s a really weird person, great coach though

One move that raises the IQ of 2 states. Good riddance.


Just speculating:

I wonder if Mulkey was turned off by the reception/response by Baylor to the men winning a championship.

I wonder if the response wasn’t as strong for her three championships and she’s pissed.

Yeah, we don’t want any HOF coaches that win championships here in Texas. SMH


I’m sure that was the BU company line. This is from a school that covered up rape, you should not be surprised.

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Not unless they are at 1 particular school that most of us are in favor of.

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Larry, did you go to the scrimmage last Friday?

No, I had planned to go, but wasn’t feeling well, and was afraid of getting wet. Must say, however, if it had been a real game, I would have gone anyway.

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Lots of Baylor fans mad at Mack.

Is there an ego/personality problem with him?

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Trust me BU frowns upon sexuality and kids out of wedlock - if the latter happens to you then you might as well buy a spouse or pack bags

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The real story will eventually come out !

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PLayer killed a player. The coach just covered it up.

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