Landon Goesling: NIL is a NEED for UH | UH NIL COLLECTIVE

Former UH Basketball’s Landon Goesling is working as the Sales Development Director of “Linking Coogs” – the new NIL collective for University of Houston athletics – discussing the importance of “Linking Coogs”; the new NIL landscape; a bit about the 2022-23 Houston Cougars men’s basketball team as well as the need for UH fans to continue supporting the Houston Cougars.

Link: Landon Goesling, NIL “has become a need for the University of Houston.”


Lets go!!! Sunshine coming thruuuu!

So an announcement about the NIL announcement?


Agent Goesling :dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar:

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Landon doing great things. Love to see it.


Football needs their spokesman.

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Sounds they like they are doing it right.

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Guessing they will do all sports / team nils which is good.

We will know Friday afternoon

Great concept and bravo to those who worked hard to create it. Let’s make sure we have internal controls to monitor everything and keep everything legal. This concept will attract con-artists and scammers looking to make a quick buck and be associated with athletes. I do not want the athletes and UH to be the victims of these thugs.



Y’all really flagging my support of a Coog NIL program… Come on y’all…


How many NIL programs/options are there now for UH? It’s all a bit confusing to me.

Yeah, whats that about?

Is it a thing?

Im not aware. Whats up with that site

Prob find out for sure sat

Theyre awful!

I guess… Looks like they organized HOUNIL with the players… I like to post on here but will support any organized NIL effort for UH.

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