Letter grades for Alabama game

Thoughts on how guys performed

Sasser: A

Jwan Roberts: A-

Josh Carlton: A

Fabian White: B-

Reggie Chaney: B+

Shead: C+

Edwards: D+

Taze Moore: D+

Tramon Mark: D


Win and lose as a Team.


We can’t discuss how each guy played? Lol


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I will discuss but not interested in throwing out fandom letter grades.


We can discuss how each person played, I think we are better off grading things like rebounds, turnovers, free throws, etc.
Personal opinion, the team lost last nights games on the line.

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I’d rate Shead higher and White lower


Here’s my brief explanations

Sasser: A

Jwan Roberts: A- (gotta hit his free throws)

Josh Carlton: A (Offensively, Defensively. I thought he was great)

Fabian White: B- (first half he struggled, 2nd half hit some nice buckets)

Reggie Chaney: B+ (Reggie gave what he can. Rebound, a few buckets and contest shots. Thought he played okay.

Shead: C+ (that 4th foul, you can’t do. And had a few offensive sets late that weren’t great. But I thought he ran the offense well. Did give up a late 3 to Shackelford

Edwards: D+ (for a 4 yr veteran, I expect better. Can’t get in foul trouble like he did. His shooting % has to be better and he knows that. Even if he didn’t shoot great, we just need him on the floor, cause he’s a smart player. So the foul trouble was the main reason for my opinion. He went for a charge early in the 2nd half, didn’t get it. Now he has 4 fouls and has to sit. )

Taze Moore: D+ (Giving up the late 3 to Shackelford. You can’t lose your man like that. Coach wasn’t happy in post-game either. Taze, hit a corner 3. Had a nice outlet pass to Sasser for a 3. But the foul at the end of the 1st half, as a veteran you just can’t do that. And losing Shackelford late in the game, I’m sure he’ll be seeing that alot during film session. I think he’ll figure it out. The jump from CS Bakersfield to Houston, it’s tough.)

Tramon Mark: D (his game looks like James Harden out here. Iso, leading to a contested shot. I like the guy, he wasn’t forcing too many shots, but out of everybody he definitely looked the most uncomfortable out there. Hope he watches tape and figures things out)


I thought Shead played really well. Especially for being a 1st year guard.

There was a few plays late, the 3 to Shackelford, the putback dunk by Davison. I watched the replay and I think that was Shead’s box out.

But overall he looked, Galen-esque out there. Very impressed


He also had several fantastic steaks (edit but keeping the hilarious autocorrect… steals) and a great pass for a fast break bucket.

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Yeah, that grade is a little rough.

I agree. I actually liked how Taze played.

Some plays late maybe affect my opinions more than others.

Losing Shackelford on the 3 and fouling him. It didn’t cost us the game. But, it was a big play. We couldn’t stretch that lead higher than 2.

Probably more of a C, letter grade for Taze.

Appreciate the discussion

Appreciate the feedback @pesik.

Really, Shead played above my expectations the most. To play in a hostile environment and not turn the ball over.

I was hugely impressed by Shead. He’s taken a big leap this year.

Watching him last year, I was like, man this guy ain’t athletic at all

This year, he’s one of the quickest guys on the floor

We were 11 of 19 on free throws and Dennis Rodman only hit 1 of 6…so you really can’t say the team shot free throws poorly…take out his misses and the team was 10 of 13

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Mark should get an F


:rofl: @pearland you’re hilarious my friend.

If I gave him an F, I think I would be booted from CoogFans

That was a tough environment against really good players.

He wasnt forcing too many shots, which I give him credit. If you don’t have a good look, kick it out to Sasser and run another play.

Tramon’s game is very unique. From all the guards we’ve had (Dejon, Grimes, Rob Gray, Dotson, Corey, Galen, Armoni, Mills, Hinton)

I guess he’s similar to Mills. But his midrange game isn’t as good currently

I’m starting to worry about Mark’s shoulder. They are difficult to fix when not rested. I wonder if he’s still hurting.

Lol. Agree about getting kicked off for criticizing Mark. It is sacrilege to speak ill of Tramon Mark’s game on Coogfans.

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Hey you’re on the BB board, take any sourness to the Football board. All arguments are peachy here


Agreed…Sasser hit less than 33% of his shots and gets an A lol…it was a team loss so let it be. Grading these kids from one game is totally silly.

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Sasser hit a lot of tough shots.

Basically played the entire game cause Shead, Edwards, Mark were in foul trouble.

I’ll have to watch it again.

Hit the big 3 late to give us lead with 1 minute to go. I was impressed that he didn’t shy away from the moment. We stayed in the game in the 2nd half cause of alot his buckets

Also, I’m not tweeting this at the players. I’m not dropping expletives. I’m not saying Mark sucks, should transfer. I’m just saying he didn’t play well. What’s the problem with looking at each guys performance?

I don’t think I’m being that negative. I thought it was a great game to watch. And some guys could’ve played better

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