Lincoln Riley fails to take UH's O-Line Coach Brandon Jones

Okay I am confused … OLs are where our greatest need is … what!!! our current OLs are just chopped liver … Tune has been chased out of the pocket more times in the game than Liz Taylor has had boyfriends in a week … just three Cincy DLs overwhelmed our OLs and blocking for our two top RBs has been mediocre at best … all of this from the coaching from our “big time offensive line coach” … was I in an alternate universe watching another UH team or what?? … AND … Riley wants him … uhhh … he can have him …


I saw this story and found it to be incomprehensible.


Maybe Riley sees that Jones is doing the best he can with the talent he has. Really not that hard to understand.

Coogfans smarter than Riley


Jones coached with Riley at East Carolina, and they coached together at Tech when they were both getting started. Makes sense that he would want to hire someone he’s familiar with.


I personally was a little confused by this as well.

I don’t claim to be an expert but the O-Line coaching seemed a little suspect to me with it being such a weakness the past three years.

Perhaps Lincoln Riley knows a little more than Coogfans do?


Maybe Dana too


He gone!

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Weird thing is he’s been here for 3 years. So it’s not like he hasn’t had time to upgrade. Our line has been awful to at best solid in his time here.

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He must be getting a HUGE salary increase to go to LA instead of Houston… Cost of living and state income tax alone are driving people the other way in droves.


Of course it would be a raise to go to USC

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Maybe the talent we’re getting is just not good and he’s doing a jam up job getting the production he is out of the talent he has to work with.

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Be careful some people gonna consider that a political statement!


This is why he wants Brandon. A coaching staff works best when everybody is on the same page. Jones and Riley know each other inside out. Plays, schemes, packages work better when there is an overall familiarity.
Would we get a $ compensation?

I guess economics is political… But it’s just facts.

CA has better beaches and legal weed.

TX has better gun laws and taxes.



Brandon Jones is considered a hot young commodity by most outside this message board. He inherited an abysmal OL year 1 and since the the OL has improved each year. They have just been young. I think you’ll see a much improved unit next year, with depth and experience at most positions. Save for Center where he just recruited a 4star that Dana said has potential to be a day 1 starter.


Good thing “Pancake” already signed. But the need is heavy on OL. If I was to guess of the # for OL to be signed in Jan, then Feb signing + Portal it would be min 3 more but prob more like 4-5 OL of the 22 possible.

My guess is that CDH already knew this was coming and has a replacement lined up

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