LinkingCoogs Tickets Sweepstakes

Make a donation and get entered to win two tickets + hotel stay.

Interesting way to raise $$, I donated.


I am in. Jobu will help me.


Like I said on another thread, the NFL teams fo a lottery with season ticket holders with Super Bowl tickets.

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This is actually incredibly smart. Got me to donate


It’s genius! Great marketing.

How did you hear about this? I receive multitude emails about donations for other things about UH, but continually do not get sports updates about sports that I have season tickets for.

I follow LinkingCoogs on Instagram, they posted it there.

Thanks. Don’t do instagram very often, but do follow them on Twitter. Guess I better log in!

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Who won ?

They announced on twitter, it was not me.

Link ?

Not trying to be insulting just quicker

Whoever Jacqueline is if she wants to give me the first place prize instead. Holla

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