Living on Mars in 20 years

According to Elon, we will be living on Mars in 20 years. What do you guys think? Would you go?

I would consider it, only if I knew for sure there is a way to get back to earth if I want to got back.

It’s not gonna happen, the Tesla roadster and cybertruck still haven’t come out yet and it’s been years. I have zero faith in his statement.

If he proved me wrong and normal people were able to live on Mars I don’t think I would go. Everything that is important to me is here on Earth and what’s the estimate of time it’d take just to get to Mars?

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I’d want to visit even if it is a humongous risk to be inside a ship in the middle of nothing with unknown dangers.

I wouldn’t want to live there. We’d be starting from 0. It be like the 1700s all over again.


Elon is a carnival barker wanting attention.

I don’t believe it, maybe he could start closer to home and have people live on the moon first.

I read the book and watched the movie The Martian, I don’t want to live there…lol.

I don’t think anyone from Earth will be living on Mars in 20 years and I surely wouldn’t go live there even if the technology existed to allow that. It’s hard enough to get across Houston for football and basketball game as it is, getting to the games from Mars would be impossibly difficult.


I think the lack of a magnetic field puts you at -1700

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Who will be the first Coogfan to post from Mars? And they’ll always win the traveled farthest to attend homecoming award.


You win the internet for the day!!! Lol

I’m sure there would be significant genetical changes to the people (martians) over time, having to adapt to that world.

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When he says living on Mars he means temporarily alive on Mars.


He has become that too. But he is also a brilliant engineer and has a vision. His success
has gone to his head however.

Sadly, I don’t think we will have a colony on Mars in 20 years at this point. I would be happy to
see it however.

Why would you like a colony on Mars?

Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan said that if man wants to keep living, eventually we’ll need to leave earth since the sun will explode sometime in the future. Probably millions of years in the future, but we have to start preparing some where, why not now?

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BTW, did you guys know that Houston has a space port? Dallas and Austin don’t have space ports, but I’m sure they’ll start one now that we have one.

Here’s one company that’s building its headquarters here.

Even for just two weeks?

…no way


You want the Mars Package? What do you say arnie?


I doubt it happens as well. You’d have to have an enclosed structure and I only see a few doing it but as far as lots of people, no.

We don’t know if we will exist in millions of years, but if the sun explodes Mars won’t help. The moon landing was good for the advancement of technology advancements and I assume a flight to Mars would also be a boon to technology; but other than that, I don’t see it.

Umm, yea, Mars will also be destroyed when the sun goes super nova. I think we all realize that. But its a stepping stone to space travel. That’s what Sagan and Hawking meant. Mankind’s future in literally in the stars.

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I think the sun is poised to go the route of a red giant and then die as a white dwarf in
about 5 billion years. It should warm enough to boil away the oceans before becoming a red giant.
Mars will be a lot warmer and outer planets and moons should have about a new billion year long habitable zone

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This man has his priorities straight.


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