My personal favorites are



That original one is awesome

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They left out that special one made by Tony Levine.




My personal favorite. Growing up 10 mins away from UofH I never knew anyone who referred to the University, as UH. It was always UofH. Which I like. Houston’s University.

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Where’s the Wet Cat!?!?


Hopefully, in a dustbin never to be recovered.

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You mean these bad boys.

These not too bad…


Just stick with the original block UH. It’s traditional and known everywhere.

Yes. You may not be Alabama but at least act like you are.

I love the cat with the sweater and hat. Classic.
The big H on front is primo.

The Cougar with FANGS and CLAWS

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That sunburned cougar looks hideous, in my opinion. I really like that interlocking UH and think that should be brought back.

We talking Alabama’s current logo package that’s 20 years old adopted in 2001? There’s many college logos that we would consider iconic or “always been there” that have been revamped or redesigned less than 30-20 years ago. Our current design package is good enough to last and become classic.

Agree with the latter, no desire to quarrel over the former. Go Coogs

Was that one ever actually used? Still my favorite either way.

Found this. It’s apparently from at least 1958. These cartoon sailor logos must have been more or less generic and reused. Seems like every school has some version of a sailor cartoon logo.

Vintage things are the best things.

There isn’t even any comparison. Makes me homesick.

Logos is rising.

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