Looking ahead to 22-23

Last year before we join the BIG XII, Healthy squad and a great class of newcomers. Potential is there to go on another run as long as we have coach Sampson! Its only up from here


Potential to win it all next year if Sasser and Mark return with what we have coming back and what we have coming in


Agreed… Positive from this season was our performance against " Top" teams like Wisconsin, Alabama, Oregon, OkState, Illinois, Arizona, and Villanova. UH has come a long way


In CKS we trust. Simply amazing what he has done for our school


Anyone know what our OOC schedule is next season? Do we have any potential “Q1” games since the committee seems to value those so much?

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Can someone post up a refresher on who’s coming in / who’s staying? I know we got two 4 stars and a 5 star coming in. The future is bright.


Everyone is coming back except of course Edwards,Moore,White,Carlton. So that means we have Sasser, Mark, Chaney, Roberts, Powell, R Walker, Elvin, Shead, Francis, Armbrester. Plus J Walker, Arceneaux, Sharp. That is all we have for right now unless someone decides to transfer. I just would like to know who our main target is in the portal.


I don’t see why they can’t at least make the tourney next year. However, they are losing four starters. Sasser and Mark coming back will definitely help but we really don’t know how the newcomers will perform. There will be question marks.

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Exactly what I was thinking. But Sampson always seems to fit the right puzzle pieces for success.


I agree. He’s a great coach. He’ll figure something out.

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If we get Mark/Sasser back + a big that has a bag on offense ill be happy

I’m just ready to see Jarace dunk something loll.


If all that comes back as is and we land a solid big man which im confident our staff will find a way to accomplish…we bould be a pre season top 5 team.


Just imagine how much scoring we would have if Antoine Davis made it to campus can you imagine him and Sasser playing at the same time.


I concur. If Sasser and Mark return…and all the recruits are as good as advertised…a national title run is possible.

I assume we’ll get either a transfer portal or JUCO big man to replace Carlton.


If Sasser and Mark are here, I have to think we start the season in the Top 10.

We are firmly a second weekend program now. To me that is where you want to be. Every year you can pretty much see the Coogs making it to the 2nd weekend and then who knows, it is the luck of shots falling at that point.


We need one big guy and another guard from the boneyard and we’ll be set. This staff knows how to construct.

That said, if we lose Quanas we lose our best shooting/dribbling instructor. Sampson credits him for preparing Grimes for The League. I’d like the whole staff to stay together one more year.


Sure would be nice if Sasser came back. Otherwise, next year’s team will be a little young and I suspect we’ll hit the transfer market for a SG.

The rotation will be the four that ended the year:


Plus Tramon Mark and J.Francis for sure.

I assume Sharp will be ready after 10 months in the program and J.Walker will play right away.

X factors:
Sasser return
Arceneaux readiness
Powell and Armbrester development
Late addition(s)


I’m hopeful Sasser returns but if not I’m confident he’ll find a solid guard as a replacement. I fully expect Mark back. Right now I’m thinking Sampson goes after one big to replace Carlton.

The question I have is whether another payer or two transfers out. Francis could use a redshirt year to work on his offfensive game and we’re still not sure how much Powell has progressed. Armbrester is another kid I’m keeping an eye on. He looks to be a good perimeter defender but needs to improve his shot and get better at the FT line. Should be interesting

Where would Quanas go? Just curious about the openings.

Alvin Brooks, took a tough Lamar job. Went 2-27

The WAC conference is no joke. (New Mexico St, Stephen F, Abilene Christian, GCU, Sam Houston St)

Look at Jerome Tang at Baylor. Stayed almost 20 yrs, got the Kansas St job.

I hope we dont lose Quanas, cause the players love him

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