LSU girls basketball team misses National anthem

From Chessa Bouche, local Louisiana sports reporter:

Now why would LSU choose to do that?

Starts with the head coach.

She said it wasn’t done intentionally.

You read what the Louisiana sports reporter comment. LSU is never there for the National anthem.
Even before a team enters a stadium their press liaison and even A.D. are handed out/emailed a time line on what their day will be like when they enter the facility. If this reporter comment is true this is by choice that LSU misses the National anthem.

If it wasn’t reported, would you have even noticed?

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Given that they’ve apparently done it all year, the answer is clearly no.


Come to think of it, I’m not sure if the Cougars are ever out on the court during the national anthem. I could be wrong.

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Happy to see the politics of it all isn’t derailed by a mere Elite Eight game. :wink:


No clue for the guys and I’m at nearly every home game.

So you’re not there for the anthem, I’m outraged!


Same. I’m trying to think it through but I think the National Anthem happens after the warm ups and before they come out for the starting lineup.

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There are no excuses for missing a National anthem. The Iowa players were there. LSU was not. They choose not to be there. Again each team is emailed and given a timeline on when they get to the stadium. It is given days in advance if not weeks. You even have ncaa/nfl/nba/mls etc,personal letting each team know where they stand at vs the timeline. It is scheduled like clock work. Obviously the LSU H.C. does not want to “lose” her team. Their decision to not attend National anthems during the year is a decision that they made. Again this is according to the reporter.
The fans boo LSU? LSU engineered these boos.

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My guess is this happens all the time (and not just lsu women’s basketball). Why do you only care about this one instance?

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Again, you would have never noticed had it not been reported. Just not happy unless you have something to be outraged about.

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And this one team?


I truly find it embarrassing that the LSU players were not there. Again this is their own decision. Don’t blame fans for boing them.
What is this comment about “something to be outraged about?” It made National news. There are stuff you report because you don’t like this or that. Do I call that outrage?

You are pretty clearly outraged about this. Are you not?


Do I point out your outrages from some of your posts?

Anyways Iowa won. Great game.

So you are. Why are you upset someone is calling out your outrage?

And sure, go ahead. But you won’t find much.

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Embarrasing for LSU? So what. Let LSU’s fans care.