I’ve read a lot on here about how Dana has to play Tune because all the backups are worse than Tune and he has no other option. Supposedly this information comes from people who attend practices and share their insights. With that being said, I’ve only attended one practice this year (the cougar pride event in the spring that featured the first scrimmage) and was surprised at what I saw. Tune and Massoud had roughly the same number of reps and while he was not perfect, I actually thought Massoud looked better than Tune. Massoud, like Tune struggled to complete long passes but he had a much quicker release and was way more accurate on his short passes. He was also more mobile (Tune can run in space but Massoud was more elusive and quick). He did throw a couple of interceptions on deep balls (one less than Tune) but he also moved the offense better.

I posted this in spring and I know it’s not much of a sample size but based on what I saw there is definitley not this gulf of performance like many are stating on here. Take it with a grain of salt if you want since it was only one practice in the spring but I was pleasantly surprised by Massoud’s performance and definitely don’t think he’d be lost if you put him out there.


Hell, give it a shot.


If we have no quality in backups then that’s on the coaches for recruiting and bringing in these players!!!


I don’t think Dana would do any better with Kopp or Massoud than with Tune, Tune, Kopp, and Massoud are not the problem…Kopp or Massoud might be better than Tune, but again Tune is not the problem


It’s hard to convince me that any of the QB’s that we have on the roster could possibly play any worse than Tune! When you already have the worst starting college football QB right now playing for your team, what do you have to lose by giving somebody else a try? It’s better than to stick with the same guy that gives you the same interception problems and poor results game after game, right?

Maybe Massoud is as bad as Tune (Highly unlikely) and maybe he’s a world better, we don’t know for sure since the dang coach never puts him in there, but one thing is for sure we know that Tune is absolutely terrible and completely unqualified to play the QB position at the college level! So, would you go with a guy that you know, without a doubt, is a complete failure as a QB or would you go with a guy you’re simply not sure of? The answer is clear for those with a working, functioning brain!


Even when Tune hits his receivers, he puts them in a position to fail. On the play last night where Dell fumbled twice, Dell was WIDE open across the middle. If Tune had thrown the ball in front of him, he was gone for 6. Instead he threw it behind him. Tune is constantly under-throwing and throwing behind receivers. CDH said several times in the weeks leading up to the season that Tune’s timing with his receivers had improved greatly. Not from what I saw last night.


I was at that same Cougar Pride event and thought the same thing. If, as we’ve seen and heard, the backups are not any good then why are they on scholarship and how come no others were recruited?


Too often I saw his receivers had to slow down because Tune was late throwing the ball to them as well as throwing the ball behind them, which allowed the defenders to catch up to them and make a play for the ball. Several of the catches would have gone for 6 if Tune threw the ball in front of them and let them run full speed to catch up to the ball instead of having to wait for his ball to arrive because Tune under-thrown the ball or throw behind their backs while they were heading to a different direction from his throws.

And probably the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that he loved to throw to his receivers when they had 2,3, and 4 defenders guarding his single receiver, but when they were wide open he ignored them or did not even notice how wide open they were! If a QB is that bad at seeing things then he has no business being a QB!


Tune may have a lot more talent than instinct, which makes him great in practice and not so great in games.

That’s about all I can think of.


Tune and the coach are disasters and those defending them are blind to the disorder.


I don’t want to pile on Tune, but there wasn’t one throw I was impressed with. Way too many as you mentioned that weren’t placed good enough. Those swing passes, screens, crossing routes have to be on point for success. They just weren’t. Whoever the best QB is at hitting those should be playing. I bet Tune has been the best with deep routes in practice but he didn’t hit any yesterday other than the wide open TD.


We are aware massoud is the 4th string?

Dana has noted in like 4 interviews Ike (the senior, who came as a walk-on) and the juco we just added are 2 and the 3 (despite the depth chart released)

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Just not great.

How has he been here for 3 years and this is our backup situation?


Dana also said we would wreck Tech, lol. For real though, I wouldn’t take what he has said about the QBs as gospel. Could be doing it to motivate the young guys or could see Ike as a better guy to come in for a series or two if needed. If it comes to switching a QB for potentially the rest of the season, anything can happen.

If Dana is sitting back thinking how can I keep this nice paying job a little longer, playing the young guy with potential is the way to go. We should be able to play without a QB and go 6-6.


He’s acting like he’s been here 3 years… So he stares down receivers throws into triple coverage, missed open receivers, and had serious happy feet then?


I miss Case it was a thing of beauty to see him lead the receivers with his passes. It was automatic!


But, but it’s Carrier’s fault


i think the young guy he is building up is holman the juco…holman has 3 years eligibility and is a “young guy”… watch the 30 second video above… he says ike is the backup but holman can beat him if holman steps up he can take the job…

also i doubt holgs is playing mind games with the backup qb spot for an entire offseason. he’s been consistent is saying its holman and ike… if anything the depth chart is where he could be playing games

also i siad this in the other thread, if dana wants to keep his job he chooses tune… despite the overreaction of tune playing bad he is good enough to beat the horrendous level of our schedule …its not guaranteed with anyone else, and losing to bad teams will put his job more at risk…ike has 1 pass thrown in his 5 year career here, imagine throwing him in as the starter… but i think giving some of the young guys a drive or 2, will would be beneficial …honestly some young guys are going to play this season, the schedule is terrible we are blowing someone out

Right now, no one has any confidence in Holgo’s evaluation of QB talent. We’ve seen Tune for 3 seasons, and the fans’ response is now universal; Tune is not the answer. It’s way past time to replace him.

This season is no longer relevant. We need to play the long game, and shift the program towards getting ready for the B12. That means evaluating younger players in real-time game situations.

If Holgo can’t make this adjustment, cut him loose, clean house, and focus on the bigger picture.


I could see the juco guy going in. Only because I think as soon as Kopp signed, Dana never expected Massoud to start here unless it was because of injuries. I don’t see him going with a true freshman at all. Still, those quotes are when he though Tune was going to have a break out year and be much improved. It could be scramble mode if Tune has another bad game.

But I’m prepared for Tune going out against Rice and doing what he did against North Texas in 2019. Not spectacular but an efficient passing game and a good chunk of yards on the ground. Will probably lock him in as the starter the rest of the season because of Dana’s commitment to him.

As to your point I quoted, I do think you are right. I was wondering though does it look better going 8-4 (yes, we can very well still go 8-4 with this schedule) with Tune or going 7-5 or maybe even 6-6 with Massoud? Selling the young guy as the future QB with some flashes of something special could appease the fans more.