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Here is an honest question. How can UH with its rich tradition and NCAA championships plus outstanding practice facilities be out recruited by Texas Tech and Sam Houston. We can’t even make the final field and they are tied for 1st and 3rd in the NCAA Championship ? I love Coach but he has been here a long time with mediocre results.


Solid question

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A lot of the same issues facing baseball and both lead directly to leadership. Recruiting, development, and interacting in a positive way with recruits, hs coaches, family, and fans.

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No excuse for Tech and SHSU being better. I understand the rich private schools as golf is still a rich kid sport mostly, but we shouldn’t be getting beat out by public schools with no where near the golf history we have. The women’s team has done a good job of getting international golfers to boost the squad.


I was wondering this earlier today. I tried to look up info on other unis in Houston. Anyone know where rice and hbu claim as their home course?

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Hard to believe we haven’t made a change years ago after 12 years of mediocrity.


Unfortunately, our 16 natty’s were before their parents were born. I thought we were turning the corner a couple of years ago…


I mentioned it with many others. Our golf program stinks there are no other ways to put it.
I do not remember the contract details but if given the choice today we should make a change this very second.
We mentioned it about our Track and Field leadership. Two T&F legends have 100% turned around our program. The same can be done in golf. I would love to have Jim Nantz organize an in depth analysis of our program. Come out with a productive “path/strategy” to regain National elite status.
Mr. Dave Williams had a strategy. Sure it was a different era but at the same time he trounced other National programs. It did not happen by luck or because he was such a nice man. He had a plan. It looks as if we have no plans and have no ideas on how to even improve. That by definition is not a working recipe.
There are many of his “pupils” around. It is time to “rally” the troops and get down to business. I will add that our current STINKNESS is an insult to what Mr. Williams built.

Dave was a great recruiter and was able to recruit the cream of the crop. Winning titles made recruiting easier but later other schools started putting in to their golf programs, Dave retired and it was never the same again. And probably never will be

Look what the leadership of the women’s golf team has done. 3 conference championships, when played, in the last years competed. First All-American. The program is leaving Dis(mal)muke in the dust. He doesn’t win, the players don’t improve. He has no social media presence. I follow him on Twitter and I think his last post was over a year ago. Recruits like to see their names, is it to much to ask of the director of golf?

Oh, he must be busy game-planning for his next opponent. That must be what is taking up most of his time.


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Completely negative comment, Look what Chadwell has done.

There will never be another Dave Williams. And what the women have done is great but I think the legend Williams left will never be equaled in college golf.
I do think we should be at least competitive in men’s golf, but in the long run few around here care about anything other than football, men’s hoops and baseball.
Personally I love for all Coogs sports teams to win


That is not the point. Mr. Dave Williams built a legacy. What are we doing with his legacy?
Mr. Williams was a great recruiter. Do you think he was the only one recruiting nationwide? Off course he was not.
We should be loaded with talents especially with how many people are moving in the Houston area.
What is Mr. Dismuke contract? He has been in his position for 12 years.

We have the Dave Williams Golf academy at golf club of Houston. Before the pga switched over to memorial Uh was the only texas school to have their home course to host a pga event. That alone should of been a recruiting advantage. For a long time that course was set up to be a prep for the Masters.

Burrell was already doing a great job before Lewis came on board. We got lucky because Lewis was bored and first volunteered to coach for free. Him and the increase in funding pushed us up to elite status. Nantz has already done a bunch for the golf program, but he is a super busy man. He isn’t going to be putting any plan together or being the lead for something like that. Our best hope might be somebody like Couples becoming more involved in the program. We need a proven coach to start though.

I am not a Disbuke fan but the bottom line is there is no interest in UH golf anymore for a number of reasons.
It was a different era when coach Williams was around. Heck he went to meets in his station wagon lol.
I don’t know why our Coogs can’t recruit like they used to in the minor sports.
I am hoping it isn’t because we are in a large city. Large cities have not been the place to be the past few years.
But if they fire the coach and actually put some money into the program it couldn’t hurt.

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Why do you have to be a contrarian? Of course Leroy was doing a great job but having Carl back is another huge step forward. Jim Nantz/Fred Couple that is the idea.
The state of our golf program is an insult to Mr. Williams. There is no other ways to put it. We have no excuse.
Butch, what do you mean there is no interest in UH golf anymore? Do you really think we had 100k’s of alums glued to their tv/radio waiting for the latest ncaa golf results? Off course not. Golf has ALWAYS been a marginal college sport. This will never excuse that we hit rock bottom.

Word is that our staff has not engaged with our former players for support for many years


I was just giving a full picture of track as somebody who follows the program in detail. Also my opinion on Nantz being too busy as the #1 sports broadcaster. Not sure how that is a contrarian…

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I believe you but…I surely hope this is not true.
Every era is different but the common denominator is our legacy. To not use Mr. Williams legacy is idiotic and demonstrates a lack self confidence and respect. Again I have no idea if we have such “fraternity” What I am sure is that 20 to 30 players personally benefited from Mr. Williams. Some of them would surely give back and help in any capacity that they can. Did we ask them? That is my question. This should not be too hard of a question.

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