Miised Free Throws

We were 23 out of 36 in the Temple game for 64%. This could be our downfall in the tournament. We need to improve our %.


This is was mentioned in another thread. The Coogs just had a bad night at the line but overall we are a decent free throw shooting team. Don’t forget that if we are going to play Harris there will be some missed free throws. We were shooting 77% from the line going into last night in conference play.


Copied from another post from a couple weeks ago and revised to reflect following last night’s game: On the season, U of H shoots it from the stripe at a 72.8% clip, which ranks in the top 18 percent nationally. While it may not sound all that great, keep in mind a team free throw percentage 70% or better is considered solid while 75% or better is considered outstanding. Last night’s performance, notwithstanding, I’m not too concerned about our free throw shooting being an issue for the most part.

They made their last 10 when it counted–Brady-2
Davis-8. #CrunchTime


The team % was below par. Looking at inviduals:

Corey Davis: 12-13 (92%), season avg = 92%
Breaon Brady: 3-7 (43%), season avg = 68%
Galen Robinson: 4-6 (67%), season avg = 66%
Chris Harris: 1-4 (25%), season avg = 29%
DeJon Jarreau: 2-2 (100%), season avg = 80%
Ced Alley: 1-2 (50%), season avg = 78%
Fabian White: 0-2 (0%), season avg = 72%

If Breaon hit his season average, that’s 2 more made FT’s. Would like Harris to hit at least 50%, that would be 1 more made FT. Alley & White were combined 1-4, would be nice if they could have hit their season avg of 75%, for 2 more made FT.

So individually, players were off their averages by a single FT here or there…but added up to 5 add’l FT that you would have expected. The last few minutes of the game would have been much different with those extra 5 pts.


Nate Hinton is shooting at an 87 % clip also…

This is a pretty good FT shooting team. In fact, only Brooks is dragging it down of players who get lots of minutes. That said, I think he has hit his last 8 FT attempts. He shot about 80% last year.

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What surprised me the most is that we attempted 22 more FT’s than our opponent.

For a while I thought we might have been the visiting team !!!:sunglasses:


In other words, Brady got lucky and Temple screwed up by fouling the wrong guy.

The bricks from the line last night came early and often. Before Brady and Davis secured the win the TEAM was 50% from the FT line.

This should be a concern. Teams won’t just foul Davis in the Tourny at the end of games.

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So maybe some of our fans would be happier if we had Incarnate Word’s players. They lead the country in FT shooting


Man, you see players jump in way early all the time with no call. Ced moved, but didn’t step in the lane until right as the ball left Dejon’s fingertips. It’s a 50/50 call that doesn’t get called most of the time. Ref wanted to call it in this situation.



Are you making fun of the “Fighting Wordsmiths” ?:sunglasses:

Calvin Murphy can help…call him!

Sorry people I remember 35 or so yrs ago was a 6-7 guard named Reid from Memorial came off the bench in the last few minutes to secure a victory. At that time I was thinking that was the was one of the best moves I had ever seen from Guy. I think it was Boston College? Also help me out if that was the game Larry put a scoring clinic on them? That had to really mess them up mentally, Reid was 10 for 10 we won by 10.

Nope. Villanova in 83

The Reid Gettys moment was in 1982 against Boston College

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Correct. Michaux burned Nova in revenge game for first round loss 2 years earlier

Brady been around 70+ FT shooter since he came to UH. Wouldn’t say he got lucky. Davis finally did the right thing in kept the balls in his hands late, sure something they went over recently. Have to foul the player who has the ball…otherwise ft plus the ball again n again n…
So not sure how they fouled wrong guy.

Boy did he! Of course it’s called a positional-less game today.(euro ball) Man if they had a player like that what would it be like today?

I remember Reid against Missouri in the tournament.

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That lane violation was very close. Way too close to call.