Mods favoritism

As mod itcoog’s obvious political (guns) baiting thread is allowed to run but a thread on GOP members breaking election laws is quickly closed.

Disappointing, but I guess par for the course this year.

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Did you not see the stickied post?

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We revisit this complaint every so often. The admin/owner gets to decide on content. It’s a lot of fun to throw down here, even with 92010, but we don’t own the site and we don’t administer the site. We don’t contribute to hosting the site (unless you thrown some bucks in the tip jar).

Closing threads bothers me for periods as long as two seconds.


They’ve been far more open to letting us banter recently which I appreciate. The occasional thread closing doesn’t bother me much.


Yeah I’m not going to get up in arms about it. It’s their sandbox not mine.




I know it a message board but, there are a lot of great input. Sometimes topics are delved in deeper than the average news story. But it is what it is.


I’ve submitted a sizable amount to the tip jar before. I’m still waiting for my Ban Hammer in the mail. Several posters out there have targets on their back.

Just sayin’. :upside_down_face:

I’m using the ignore button a lot more as the days go by.

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I try really hard not to use it. AAMOF, I’ve only used it on one person…and it wasn’t because I was opposed to their posts. It was because this user was just a mean person (not only to me, but to everyone). I probably should use it more…but I’d prefer not to.

I know you can’t read my post because you’ve got me on ignore, but I understand your sentiments. :rofl:

It’s safer ranting here than on Reddit, Twitter or FB, etc. I mean literally safer. No doxing, no attempts at data theft, all that pleasant stuff you risk online.

CoachV is the 2nd most perfect person ever born. Even though I can’t predict the future like he can, it’s a done deal.


I am a moderate Republican….nowhere near what some refer to as “MAGA” or “Trumpers”….but I feel like when I try and discuss a political topic most/not all democrats on the board immediately go into attack mode and assume all Republicans radical right wingers….that’s simply not the case. ( I have a Ricky Rubio tee-shirt for president in the back of my closet to prove it).

At this point I just stay away from threads like that because I know what to expect……and what sucks is that some of these same posters I really like on the sports forums….


It happens both ways. But you’re right.

I’m also a moderate Republican (although anti-trump) that is assumed by some to be a Democrat or RINO.


The bar is pretty low, but few Republican candidates can meet it - Biden won fair and square and January 6th was an attempt to obstruct the certification of electoral votes. Those who do meet that low bar have lost their primaries or retired because they knew they would lose.

How is this radical? Gimme Kasich or even Jeb. They are among the few who didn’t cave starting in 2016.

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Baiting? I prefer to call it thought provoking. The point was that bad people will kill with any tool that can get their hands on. There was no politics intended.


No thanks they would have caved agsinst the left wing lynch mob during the Kavenaugh confirmation hearings. Bush gave us Roberts who had been a disaster

So, Trump actually won and nobody tried to stop the vote certification. Got it. Thanks. Glad I’m straight on that.

I know you might shake your head in disbelief. But like RT I am also a RINO.

I think it gets heated when it involves Trump.

Some threads have been really good with great back and forth.

There was even a Uvalde gun one that had reasonable ideas for gun control.

The one on border security and specifics about e-verify was really good.

But some of the most heated topics are on sensitive topics


What does this have to do with trump?