Most disappointing win i’ve seen

3 points in the second half…not good.


You guys could have named the score. I really wouldn’t overreact when it comes to this game. You’ll be able to tell so much more after the Wash St game.


We’re rebuilding… It’s going to take a while to be back to the level we were a few years ago… Hopefully :pray:


King played better against OU than PV. Maybe there’s still some play-up and play-down left in this team. That’s going to take some time to work out. If the team shows up and goes nuts next week, that could be a sign. They just better be ready when conference starts because those games are the real ones.

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The tunnel screen needs to be ejected from the playbook.


Today was a good game for testing things out. Don’t want to show too much before next Friday.

That’s what I’m telling myself.


We’ve succeeded at not showing much good stuff.


Dana said it in his post-game interview. They’re a work in progress and he is so right. King is going to have to play a lot better or this team will struggle for bowl eligibility. The schedule doesn’t get any easier.


Y’all, chill. It’s prairie view. We came out and smashed them in the first half like we were supposed to. The second half was all about just not getting guys hurt in a game that doesn’t mean anything. The first half was almost perfect, the second half was utterly inconsequential

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Team looked disorganized and lackadaisical. I’m surprised at how bad the offense has looked. On defense the tackling was spotty again tonight. Maybe CDH is holding back on all the good stuff until Leach comes to town. I don’t really believe that, but it is a possibility.


Good things take time.

This is going to come across as bad but King wasn’t going to be a quintessential Dana style QB in his system IMO.

I think Dana loves having King to run the team right now but I also think things are a bit experimental at this point. When you compare the offensive minds of Dana and DoritoWhite there’s a limitless void between what each expects from an offense. Under DoritoWhite King could use his great talent to create plays. Right now he’s having to patiently adapt to Dana’s expectations on executing things. And I hate that screen too. Reminds me of when JJ would call that quick split screen when things weren’t going well.

Not worried. Just going to be happy winning.


Won’t be pretty next week. This defense will look so silly against Leach’s offense…

62-21 Wash. St…


I tend to agree. Considering the opponent, I didn’t think the defense looked good tonight. It’s going to be a shootout at NRG next Friday.

I do think we kept things vanilla tonight, but I also think we are still out of synch especially in the passing game. I hope we improve because we are going to need to score some points to win Friday.

I don’t expect us to be able to stop any good offense until they prove they can do it.


This team proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is a work in progress. To be honest, I am not sure King is very comfortable in his third offense in three years.
As frustrating as these last two games have been, I think we are all going to have to show patience…and lot’s of it. We were not a good football team tonight and there is no doubt in my mind we will get better each game…but the question now is will we get good enough in one week to beat WSU?
Fortunately tonight we simply rammed the ball down an inferior foe’s gut…but the concerning part was that our passing game was as bad as our running game was good.
I noticed we tried bubble screens several times, something we have all become familiar with over the years in whatever offense we are running. But tonight we weren’t getting the crisp passes and very little if any blocking on the corners.
Oh well, like someone else, this is no doubt a rebuilding year…


Well I think you hit the nail on the head regarding the offense. I’m not sure what we’re running either. It certainly doesn’t look like the offenses Holgorsen ran years ago with all the pre-snap motion and two-back sets that kept defenses guessing. It actually looks similar to the spread we ran last year with one RB and an occasional WR in motion for the quick touch pass on an end around. Didn’t see it tonight but we ran it against OU a few times. Only one pass to the TE too. I have to think we kept it vanilla tonight but still, I was expecting a more exciting version of the Air Raid.


Honestly I think the reason Dana’s calling those screens is to move the LBs enough to keep the running game going…as he knows King can’t hit the broad side of a barn. But I hate them.

I don’t think it’s King getting comfortable in the offense as much as it is King hitting wide open receivers.

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Not saying I want Applewhite back or that he shouldn’t have been fired, but isn’t that what coaches are supposed to do, ie use the talent that is available to them in the best way possible.

I have never seen a dual threat QB that has such a perfect deep ball. Yet Holgo runs next to zero go routes and keeps King in the pocket. He is neutering one of the best QBs I have seen come through UH.