Mountain West TV deal?

Was the Mountain West supposed to have announced their new TV deal by now?

I have got to think that is not a good sign for them.

Misleading thread title.

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Currently, the Mountain West has a TV deal with CBS, ESPN and AT&T, which expires next year. Each school gets paid $1.1 million yearly. CBS Sports has the first negotiating window. The new TV deal will bring more revenue, but I doubt it compares to Power5 money. Probably more in line with AAC.

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The deal is expected to be less than $2.7M per school per year. Why? Because Hawaii shares in MWC TV money if the payout is higher than the local Hawaii TV deal they signed, which is $2.7M. And it’s already leaked out that the new deal will not exceed Hawaii’s local deal, and thus Hawaii will keep its local TV money and not share in MWC TV revenue.

I would expect that the overall MWC deal is in the $20-30M per year range, with Boise getting a double share and everyone else at $1.5M to $2M/year.

That’s not in line with the AAC, which will average $83M per year and $7.5M per school assuming no reduction for the loss of UConn.

I expect that eastern MWC schools will consider their options carefully, and we will get applications from Colo St, New Mexico, Wyoming and perhaps Air Force.


I think that the G5s have stratified to the point that they can’t be lumped together. The American has won and with the addition of BYU and a couple of MWC schools is deserving of a permanent NY6 bowl. We will still have an uphill battle getting to the playoffs but we would be in the conversation.

Wonder if Nevada would be worth accepting if they could bring the Las Vegas Bowl, which was a decent bowl for the MWC champion for a decade or more against the 5th or so place PAC 12 team. This year that may be Arizona State, Washington State, or Cal. With the AAC probably getting the access 50+% of the time, that would mean the Las Vegas, Birmingham, and Military would still be options for the conference runner up. It’s not the Citrus, Gator, and Alamo, but it’s a little improvement. And the Wolfpack have been to the Tournament three consecutive years, will make their second straight bowl, and Nevada is the nation’s fastest-growing state. I could see Air Force and Colorado State being interested in Nevada made the leap. I don’t feel strongly either way. I see how it could help the conference, but it may also end up just further diluting the revenue.

I think with AAC standards, a school would have to bring at least $20M in TV money to the conference. $1M for each existing school plus a full share for itself.

Not sure any G5 school can do that which is probably why we did not expand.

If the AAC were to expand, it would be BYU or a school in a large city.


Oh Dear Lord! Please no. We (AAC) don’t need to accept anyone.


When we were in The SWC it had 9 teams, then 8 when Ark. left.

An 11 team League is big enough.

If expansion is desired The AAC should go to 14.

I think UNLV brings in money. It is Vegas that city is a money city.

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I view it 3 different ways:

  1. If we use the B12 rationale, then we should not expand but instead divide the exiting school’s TV revenue portion between the remaining schools. This is what we are currently doing.
  2. Use the common P5 rationale of only expanding if the incoming school can increase the current school’s TV revenue.
  3. Try to lock down the NY6 bowl game by inviting Boise State which is the only school that appears as a constant threat to us gaining access to it.
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San Diego State has been NY6 threat as well, you would have to do Boise and San Diego State.

San Diego State has been NY6 threat as well, you would have to do Boise and San Diego State.

I’ve seen this movie before. It didn’t end well.


Why, its a question, not a statement.

I thought San Diego State changed their mind about joining the AAC a while back.

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The question mark was added after my comment…


I look at each candidate and ask, “Are they a better program top to bottom than us? (Money, sizzle, tradition, media, etc.)

If the answer is no then I don’t want them. Only two programs (BYU and Boise) qualify in any of those metrics IMO.

The AAC is just now elevating itself. Don’t ### with it!

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Good point, but I don’ think either would join unless there is a seismic shift. I can’t see either traveling great distances.


SDSU wanted to join the BIG East but at the last minute Boise State brokered a deal with the networks and the Mountain West. This the most recent post.
Boise State keeps sweetheart TV deal in new Mountain West package for $1.8 million per season - NBC Sports College Football
After this happened SDSU changed their minds.


SDSU is alright but what would be the rush to bring them in? If I were a tennis or soccer coach I wouldn’t want the extra travel in either direction. And how would espn, fox, etc look at that addition and think it brings in anything?

Sometimes the novelty of realignment grows out of proportion. There’s no one to add.

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