Moving to electric vehicles will dull recessions currently inflated by oil

Is it time to buy a Tesla? They are dropping their prices like crazy. You can now buy a Tesla Model S Plaid for less than $90k. This was $130K just a year ago! The Model 3 is in the low $30s after the $7500 tax credit. Pretty tempting.

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Checking out the Model 3…they charge $2K extra for red. That kinda pisses me off. LOL But…seriously. WtF?

Oh well, I’m holding out for solid state batteries anyway. And probably 2nd gen to boot…I love to read about/talk about new tech but I usually wait and am not an ‘early adopter’.

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Have you bought a car recently? Every car manufacturer are charging for colors. But yea the 2k is steep. It looks like Aggie maroon though.

Actually haven’t bought a new car for over a decade. Bought some used ones for my kids is all.

I’ve seen extra charges for colors before…just not that steep. And yea…don’t really like that shade of red either.

Was just looking at the EV market penetration worldwide and found these numbers interesting.

Worldwide car sales grew to around 67.2 million automobiles in 2022, up from around 66.7 million units in 2021.Aug 24, 2023

The new edition of the IEA’s annual Global Electric Vehicle Outlook shows that more than 10 million electric cars were sold worldwide in 2022 and that sales are expected to grow by another 35% this year to reach 14 million.Apr 26, 2023

Global car sales 2019-2022 | Statista.

If those numbers are accurate, EVs are almost at 20% of new cars sold. That is really a staggering percentage at this point IMHO. I wonder if the anti EV crowd are shocked or swayed by these numbers ?

Speaking of electric


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Chris is anti EV, shocking!

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The world passes some by as they cling to their kerosene lamps to read at night.

I was just reading a Leon Hale book with a short story on his grandmother “not trusting electricity as it was a cousin to lightning” , when I came across 92’s fears.

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I think that’s certainly a possible scenario if
Tesla doesn’t have have some technical proprietary secret sauce…be that battery technology or self driving software. They may go the way of the original Weed Eater or the
Netscape browser. I know Tesla still has a healthy profit margin per unit compared to the ICE vehicles. But that may fade as more competition comes online. And no argument
Tesla has an out of line P/e ratio compared to other auto manufacturers.

Your thoughts ?

9:47 is Tesla talk

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That was from 6 years ago.

Oops, I didn’t catch that.

Nevertheless, it still seems like sound reasons of why long term Tesla has
no magic. Obviously 6 years was/is incorrect, but we are seeing more traditional
auto manufacturers making the switch ( or planned switch) this year. Toyota and
Rolls Royce come to mind.

That was 12 days ago. I saw it live.

They start off talking about Isaacson’s book about Musk. The book hadn’t been out a month

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I thought only EVs caught fire?