Moving to electric vehicles will dull recessions currently inflated by oil

I’m not sure much of anything will make it in CA with a major oil company backer.

There’s absolutely a place for it, line I believe there is for everything that moves us in the right directions of phasing out 120+ year old technology.

I think it’s future is best suited in larger transport and industry. I don’t think the infrastructure for consumers can be built out enough even in comparison to battery vehicles.


Really one of the most effective solutions that could start to be implemented quickly would be derided as basically Nazi communism. Effective efficient mass transit then, God forbid walking or riding a bike to your destination.

Encouraged and paid for by exorbitant tolls on all routes going into the city. Working from home is also going to play a factor long term.

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You are exactly right. Hydrogen will fill the industrial and large transportation needs first because the infrastructure isn’t there for to meet the small retail needs. But eventually hydrogen will fill the retail needs because it doesn’t have the drawbacks and hurdles that EVs have (time to charge and it is a second generation energy).

Hydrogen is the future. Plus it appears to be evenly distributed throughout the globe, so the petro state bad guys will drift into nothingness.

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I am just gonna go back to enjoying every last politcal thread getting locked, you gentleman have a nice day. Thank you for letting me post in yals echo tank

I’m not biking to work in 110 degree weather.

Massive hydrogen reservoir discovered beneath an Albanian mine could be an untapped source of clean energy - LiveScience - Hydrogen Central.


It’s financial more than political.

Yep they are finding large hydrogen deposits. This is very similar to when petroleum replaced whale oil.

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Yep, big word there.

Technology to mine and capture on large scale does not yet exist.

Reading about the retail station problems in CA, seems to be the technology
to handle the stuff has high frequency of breakdowns.

Is costly, assume they are using gray hydrogen with natural gas as feedstock or electrolysis.
A new plentiful renewable source would certainly help on the cost front.

Guess that’s why we’ve setup the national hydrogen hubs. 5-10 ten years out is probably an
overly optimistic view.

If it is there (and they are quickly finding that it is there in large quantities) we will figure out the engineering of getting it and transporting it.

The things they are saying about hydrogen are the same things they said about oil in the mid 1800’s. It will never replace whale oil, we don’t know how much is in the ground and then how do we get it to a refinery.

There is a reason they called Drake’s oil well “Drake’s Follly”.

It should be a moment of rejoicing, we are on the cusp of making a LARGE dent into the climate change problem.

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Potential seems there, for sure.

But we all remember “too cheap to meter” electricity from nuclear fusion and
nuclear fusion is only 50 years away, said about 50 years ago.

Some things pan out; some things are a forever work in progress.


Are you saying it was just a PR stunt to
get good publicity, and they never intended to
work thru supply issues and breakdowns ?

Or issues of producing grey hydrogen that the
state didn’t want ?

I’m saying the state doesn’t have a great relationship with major oil companies or viewing them as a benefit to any deal. In fact, it’s probably a detriment. That relationship is ugly.

Exxon is selling all its Cali assets

The University of Houston is ABSOLUTELY on the right side of history for this:

Trillions of tons of buried hydrogen: Clean energy gold rush begins (

There is still a lot of engineering to be figured out but UH is at ground zero for all of this.

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Better get in early on the new H town rush !

What companies are poised to exploit this ?
Here was Motley Fool take on it back in Jan.

BP NYSE:BP $100.76 billion
BLOOM ENERGY NYSE:BE $2.96 billion
LINDE NYSE:LIN $196 billion

Yea if you’re going to use natural gas to make electricity to power the conversion to hydrogen, then why bother? Just use the electricity to power EVs.

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