Musk says X is considering removing likes, reposts from content

Interesting trends for Snapchat. I tend to forget it exists.

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Faith in humanity being restored.

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Sissy Space X, has to be throwing a tantrum when he sees that chart.

“They” are keeping him down.

Today’s news…

Free speech absolutist

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A modern day Thomas Edison?

The hate for Musk is strong in this one


Curious, was any of what I posted untrue?


Musk may be a genius from IQ estimates I’ve read; he falls in that range.

He has a vision and drive that sets him apart from the average joe. That is why
in autos and rockets he has had such great success over other billionaires.

Here is what Tom Muller had to say about Musk…

“I was very lucky that I met the right visionary and because of my passion for rocket engineering I was invited to this opportunity that became SpaceX,” he said of the meeting at a 2018 commencement speech at the University of Idaho.

The down side is he is arrogant, has a huge ego, and on many things just dead wrong, but can’t let it go and move on. And he is extremely thin skinned, probably has some drug usage issues, and has strange relationships with women and family ( 10 known kids with 3 different mothers ?) .

The twitter debacle is of course his most expensive mistake to date and he can’t get over it.

He also has other strange beliefs and dabbles in conspiracy like stuff too, imho.

The world’s richest individual has said the biggest threat facing the world was a flatlining birthrate and claimed that overpopulation was a myth.

So I think Musk is a genius with some serious character flaws, that at times works to his benefit and other times to his detriment.



Yep, there he goes off on some crazy stuff and it makes you wonder if he is high
or whatever. It should be fun to watch how he reacts to this sarcastic put down. Good
chance he cant let it go.


Bingo. They don’t want to accept that the 20+ that left X are the same ones that wanted to keep so many out. Nice graph but no cigar.


Not as bad as ‘Oof Social’ I guess.

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It’s only because “they” are so mean to him.


Tesla stock tumbles almost 5% after big Q1 delivery miss (

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Just was thinking Elon is a bit like Ray Kroc.