My Terrible Opinions on Our Big Men

Bear in mind that I flunked out of Coaching School.

  1. Lath. Should not be on our roster. Cannot play. A multi-year “project.” Yesterday Sampson,himself, said that “it would be unfair to Lath, and to the team, for him to play”. A wasted scholarship.

  2. Roberts. Does not look like an NBA player. Should return next season, and start.

  3. Tugler. Can shoot, rebound, and block shots. Perfect! Should also start next season.

  4. Francis. Cannot shoot. At the FT line he chunked up air balls yesterday. Becomes principal backup next season. And if he transfers then he does.

  5. McFarland. He has an interview on YouTube. Said he came to UH at 185 lbs., now is at 215. Better, but still thin(the Duke Center weighs 250). He is a backup next season, and gets evaluated. Maybe he can play, maybe not. If not he gets cut.

  6. Transfer Big Man. View this as a possible necessity. If Roberts leaves it becomes 100%. We do not know when Tugler is guaranteed to return and Francis shoots air balls. Besides PG this is our biggest possible problem for next season.

And let me close by again beating the dead horse. Cannot advance in March Madness by, every year, recruiting “projects” at Center. Consecutively we have signed Francis, Lath, and McFarland. Yes, Sampson wins 32 and largely gets away with it. But what if we could sign a Ken Spain, Dwight Davis, Dwight Jones, Larry Micheaux, etc.?

Improving here would really advance our Final Four possibilities.:basketball:


dont disagree with any of your points really.

Francis was a force on defense but didnt produce much offense. I can see him getting better with another year under Samp.

I dont know much about McFarland but have seen several people hinting at him transferring out. I’d like to see him play, dont like the idea of recruits redshirting then transferring out.

Lath - I like the kid but agree, if we’re serious about competing for a natty we dont have any reason to have scholarship players on the team at his level.

edit to add - I obviously want J’Wan to stay and am very bullish on JoJo




The only thing missing is your $10+ million NIL contribution to effectuate your talent acquisition plan.

I would suggest that you call the AD’s office right away so that they can process your wire transfer to implement your brilliant suggestions.


lol its now officially the off season. there’s going to be a LOT of open discussion about what next season should look like

Very few college players excel at more than one of shooting, passing, defending and rebounding.

Francis is a star in the making. Great defender, fast as Hell for his size. Above average rebounder. Tremendous shot blocker. One of the three most gifted players on the roster.


just need to remove “foul machine” from his armory

He has actually improved quite a bit. Not there yet but he’s improving. It’s tough being that age and playing night after night against some of the best coaches in the game. All strategizing to take you out.

I’m still a buyer of Francis stock.


In Sampson I trust


Francis was frankly amazing compared to what he was last year or even the beginning of this year. We don’t need him to score 10


Stopped reading after the first line.


Who said McFarland thinking about hitting the portal without even seeing 1 min on the court. That’s just crazy. I can understand Lath hitting the portal cuz he’s so raw and would take him another year or 2 to be a contributor but not McFarland. Especially after his redshirt year.


MacFarland already signed with Arkansas


Lath has the measurbles but i don’t recall him making but 1 bucket all season and maybe a couple rebounds. He looked lost on the court and was just a big kid filling up space. But I hope he develops and wish him the best whether its at UH or somewhere else.

I agreed with everything. Anyone who doesnt F–them.

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He met or exceeded my expectations, which were zero


I definitely want Francis back. We do need someone who can score in the post to pair with him


Don’t want me here? I’m gone! :rofl:


Right back at you !

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I am prefacing with this…I love our guys and am really proud of what they have accomplished. They make me proud to be a UH alum.

Going forward, I have to believe we’ll get a lot more interest from highly talented kids that, say, would be targeted by blue bloods.

Sooner or later we’re going to land an ideal big that can score consistently. It’s gonna be great when that happens.