My Terrible Opinions on Our Big Men

Is this the new “if you didn’t play or coach” your opinion is null and void come back? Weak sauce.


Same weenie take from the football board. Oh you think Dana should be fired? Be sure to write the buy out check hur, hur, hur.


You do know that Francis FT % was the highest on the team amongst the bigs !!!

Guess not :sunglasses:


A few points: For those of you who are down on Lath, I used to go watch PSJ practice. I honestly felt sorry for Hakeem when he first got to Houston. Not only did he not know the language too well, he was getting pounded every single day. He looked completely lost and was awful. It took time but he caught on. I expect Lath to do the same. The effort is there.
I don’t know where we would be without Francis, he changed the way guys played against him with his effort and reach. He needs a little jump hook and a step back floater. He fouls a lot but that will improve. His potential is off the charts.
I hope Roberts will return. I see him as more of a forward for us because I don’t know if we really play an offense that requires a true center. Roberts is a flat out MAN among boys, and the toughest player we have.
Tugler looked like a high school kid out there sometimes but he improved every game. He got better every game until he got hurt. His athletic ability has him on an upward trend.
Is McFarland coming or going?
I don’t think Sampson would recruit a center just to get a center. He might get a kid he wants who happens to be big.


Ced started playing basketball at 15. He is going to grow his game. Physically he is a freak. He is super strong and surprisingly quick and he is still growing.


I want a Josh Carlton type of project. Lose a little weight get into better condition. Nada bing bada bang. Elite 8.

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Another year in the weight room and he will be scary

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Totally agree. Ced has an amazingly high ceiling. From what I can tell he seems like a good teammate and good dude.

I don’t understand the people who want him gone.


Whiners gotta whine


If everyone returns we have:






Is that bunch good enough to make a Final Four? Making a Sweet 16 is no longer good enough. We already have 16 such appearances. We want more.

Cannot win a National Title without Bigs. Gotta have ‘em.

Do we have it?

Solid frontcourt but the main issue is getting more than one playmaker on this team

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Can somebody tell me about McFarland?

Have you seen a big in Sampson’s program that doesn’t improve every year? I am sure there are a couple that transferred out but the ones that stayed kept getting better and better.

If we didn’t have the injuries we could have won the Natty this year with those bigs.


So,essentially, all the Big Men are better next season, even Lath, because that is what happens when you play for Sampson?


Yes. They just keep getting better.


You could have nearly said the same about Francis last year. But now he’s a starter.

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Our bigs are going to be so stacked next year.


Hopefully Roberts comes back. If so I feel GREAT about Roberts and Tugler starting with Francis off the bench and evaluating McFarland if he sticks around like you say. SG/F is set then you only worry about PG in the portal. If Roberts goes, we should look to bring in a starting big. Basically I prefer Francis off the bench only.

The Francis disrespect on board is crazy. Yall should have learned after Kansas.


I think McFarland will be here next year. Would be unusual for a player to redshirt and then transfer before even playing.