My Terrible Opinions on Our Big Men

Francis is a Dennis Rodman type player, don’t need him to score just keep doing what he’s been doing crashing the boards and be defensively disruptive, like Dennis.


I don’t think we need him to be anything special on offense other than a great rebounder. That’s where’d I love to see the most improvement from him next year. We need him averaging 8 boards a game and not having as many games where he seems to vanish from a rebounding perspective.

It would be nice if they kept tip stats to see if he is highly effective with keeping a rebound in play for other members of the team to grab.

I know Francis will not be the best center in college basketball

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I know you don’t really mean that but for the sake of the board, tone it down. Too hyperbolic.

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“best big” - probably not, hunter dickinson has a covid year, guys like daron holmes, johni broome, Ryan Kalkbrenner, Oumar Ballo all have the option to come back ,and will be seen as a all-americans if they come back

his offense will not be good enough to be the conversation for best big

defensively- at minimum he will be one of the most “impactful” defenders in all off college basketball, within our system he is dominant defensively and there wont be a better fit (talking defense)… could be the front runner for Big 12 Dpoy next year

i dont consider him the best defensive big, because our system really hides alot of his weaknesses … his weight, we double in the post, so he isnt just pushed around…i dont consider him the best, becuase him in iso vs alot of bigs those bigs are scoring (Theyll push him out of the way before going up)…but as noted in our system it works… ie there are other bigs that would be impactful in our system (like brandon garrison who is taller and has a longer wing span than francis- not an insult, but if we lost Francis and we can get garrison up to speed on the monster defense quickly, i don’t think our defense would fall much)

he “could” be the best defensive big in the country, if he can add some weight in the offseason…

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I dont want another 5 that cant hedge on ball screens. Its pointless to bring someone like that in, they wont play much.

People wonder why sampson kep yanking him and putting chaney in. Well this is why. That defensive ability (and francis is better than roberts or tugler at this) is far more important to our coaches than post up ability.