Navy vs UH -- Week 4

I suspect Niumatalolo’s days are numbered and he will be sitting next to the second turret of the USS Arizona in Pearl … soon.

When the AD fires your OC and you attempt to reinstate him then it isn’t exactly Farragut’s battle cry … Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead … to … Damn the AD full OC ahead … more like hello/move over 1170 or so ghosts lingering about this famous fallen ship

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This is one reason why the AAC was a leaky barge.
Teams can’t seem to hold their leverage. One team runs the table and 9 more flop around in the breeze.
And the conference OOC record is abysmal.
Navy is basically us two years ago.

It was fun but I want to move on to something more substantive…even if it means growing pains. And I don’t care if outsiders think we don’t deserve it. We’re going because Tilman ###% said we were!

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My brother graduated from the Naval Academy, this is always a fun game week for us.


I worry about Navy more than any other team on the schedule. I know they are horrible but they can beat us.

2016 is a recurring nightmare for me.

They have had two weeks to prepare. We have QB uncertainty. This has upset written all over it.


You’re right, 51. Navy always gives us fits.

Navy’s style can expose flaws, for sure.

But, if we don’t give them extra possessions with turnovers, and continue to develop our running game, we’ll be ok.

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We should have really nice weather for the game. Getting excited about the game!

Good for your brother, that is quite an accomplishment. I always respect our service academy graduates, midshipmen, and cadets. Our country needs these young people and their commitment to service.

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That was one of my most favorite games ever at TDECU! Ayers with the one handed grab and in stride continues to pay dirt!


Despite our challenges, we are a better team than Navy. They are experiencing a 5 game losing streak and they’ve lost 7 of 8 games dating back to last season.

Many on this site would affirm that we were not very good team last year, yet we beat Navy by 16 points at Annapolis. Our D is good. Navy’s O is not.

Navy rushed for 337 yards against Marshall, yet they lost 49-7. They lack a pass D. They scored only 3 points against the Air Force. Both loses were at Annapolis. They play UH on the road.

We’ll contain Navy’s O. We open up our passing game much like Marshall did with success, which opens up our running game. Our O and D are better. Our ST are better.

I do not foresee a scenario that we lose this game. UH - 31, Navy - 13.

Sorry but if we lose this game Holgy should be fired before he leaves the field.

This is not a good Navy team. They struggle mightily to score one TD. With our defense so far this year to lose our offense would have to be pathetic. Which we know under Holgy is possible.


I agree everything points to us being a much better team. But you, me and the Coog nation all know that is when we should be worried.

I am worried about Saturday.

The Navy defense has looked like they were coached by the “Art Briles School of Arm Tackling”.


Uh, if people don’t know who Grambling is, I doubt they know Navy has a football team and that it is a conference game.

I mean Navy is a national brand Grambling isn’t. You can’t compare name recognition of Grambling to Navy…


Current SP+ Rankings:

13 Cincinnati
31 UCF
48 Texas Tech
56 SMU
61 Memphis
63 Tulane
71 Your Houston Cougars
81 Tulsa (even at 0-3)
92 ECU
103 Temple
113 USF
121 Navy
122 Rice
130 UConn

If we don’t easily win this, we got problems…more than the O-Line.

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There is absolutely no chance we lose to navy, and I have no idea how you are more scared of navy than smu, Memphis or Tulane. Navy will be lucky to win 3 games this year, they are awful


No way you are comparing the Navy Academy to Grambling state :joy:. Literally none of my friends from school knew who GSU was lol, all of them know who navy is. We have been playing navy for years, and they are a national brand

I think the gimmicky triple option offense they run always scares everyone a little bit. A whole different type of offense to game plan for.

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Really??? People don’t know the Naval Academy has a football team?

Respectfully disagree.

I don’t see them scoring more than 10 points, we beat them down last year and our defense was worse. Memphis and smu are averaging 40 points a game while navy has only score 10 points this year and they played Air Force and Marshall. The same Marshall that let ECU put up 42 on them. If we are worried about navy this is going to be a looooooong brutal year.

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