NCAA Basketball Committee initial Top 16 Teams Announced on 2/19--Sat 11:30

The comments from Comm Chair Burnett should bold well for the Coogs as they are strong in almost all metrics across the board.


I predict they will be in the 14-17 range .

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Same, even with with the no Q1 wins the computers like us too much to not be at least an honorable mention

We’re in the top 16… Damn that SMU loss!!!

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We were under consideration for a top 4 seed along with Ohio State and 'Bama but lost out to Whorn.

Look at Longhorn out of conference schedule. They have no business in top 16. Zero.

They have two really good wins but is that enough to overcome a 10-8 record vs top 100? We are 9-4. Heck, they’re just 11-8 vs top 200. We are 15-4.


If the committee revealed now instead of 11am we probably get the 16th spot…

Hopefully UVA, OK ST, and Cinci can get a 10 spot rise in NET by the seasons end so we move up to 2 Q1 + 6 Q2 wins

That combined with a 6-1 finish to the season we could have as many as 3 Q1 + 8 Q2

I honestly have no idea how good we are. March is going to be interesting.


We’ve struggled against teams with a pulse.

Kentucky should be a 1 seed. Put up 90 points without TyTy Washington and Wheeler today

Kelan Grady is reminding me of Tyler Herro at Kentucky. Can really shoot the 3.

Gonzaga and UK looking like the 2 best teams


Bull crap. Go away, troll


Agree, with Zona next. After that, the other teams have flaws, and certainly no team I’d say I wanted no part of

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Arkansas has a chance to climb into the Top 16.

Florida, Kentucky, LSU and Tennessee are their remaining games. They go 3-1 in next 4, they have a good chance.

I dont wanna play them. Muss is a good coach

Do the regions mentioned in these early seedings stay or do they change?

Will these teams named in these regions stay in the same regions if their ranking changes? If not, why did t the committee just say these are the 16 teams ranked 1-4?

What does that mean?

The Top 16 teams can change based on win/losses in the coming weeks.

The locations have already been determined for Sweet 16 (Chicago, San Antonio, San Francisco, Philadelphia)

Updated weekly from now to Selection Sunday

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After we lost Marcus and Tramon I had my doubts we will even qualify. I am grateful if we just qualify. Ppl who are cribbing about not being in top 4 :joy:


Umm, look at our record against Quad 1. And Oregon sucked when we blew them out at a time we had Sasser.

How is it not true, we’ve struggled against good teams. It’s like being considered a traitor for pointing out the truth.

Houston is 4th and 6th respectively in Net and Pomeroy rankings. Where exactly are we struggling. We lost by total 5 total points across loses against three teams and one of them is positioned to be a top 4 seed.

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