NCAA NET Ranking 2022-2023 #1

Things will be different next year. Much different.


WVU back riding high, did not see that coming


WVU Bob Huggins is a great coach.

208 more days until its official :crossed_fingers:

Yeppp! The first two teams i agree! I need to checkout Purdue. UT not so high.

Certainly his career is HOF worthy but some of his recent teams performances and some quotes he’s made in the last couple years had made me feel he was past his prime and close to hanging them up. Credit to him and his players for getting off to a good start and having a resurgent season.

Man if Kent St could beat Gonzaga they’d actually have a shot of staying a quad 1 win for us


Wow, the Big12 has a lot of Quad 1 games.

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And still have thre more weeks until a road game.

Holy crap! Sam Houston State at #7!



This early NET is kind of a mess.

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You can see it on the NET ranking website.


Hartford is dropping down to D3 and giving up scholarship athletics.

So they keep them last for punishment??

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This exactly. Their biggest win (prior to Creighton) was a Gonzaga team we’re finding out isn’t really that good.

We’ll find out more tonight.

Very anxious to see how Kent State looks. Will be rooting hard for them.

Hehe. Not bad huh! :man_shrugging:.
Couple of nice P5 Wins already in non-conf play.
Oklahoma & Utah.

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I put a small wager on Kent State at +825. Fingers crossed!