Nebraska is back

You heard it here first folks


would love for them to get a W here somehow against OU

It would be cool if they beat OU. Being hyped up can only take you so far though.

OU 28 pts early in the 2nd.ouch!

If by being back you mean losing, i don’t think they ever left.



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Still got time left

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That used to be such a fantastic rivalry. It was played the Friday after Thanksgiving. That and Pitt-Penn St.
Two great series destroyed by convenience and money.

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I’m all excited when i read the thread title and then jump over to the score and it’s 42-7 Oklahoma. 42-0 run after this post from the looks of it. We need a repeat if Kansas scores first today

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There back in the toilet. Need a plunger to unclog

Yeah, back to square one!

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Back of the pack. :joy:

So, per the article below, Nebraska’s top three coaches on its wish list are:

  • Liepold from KU
  • Campbell from ISU
  • Bill O’Brien

I mean I get the other two, but BOB? :rofl: :joy:


BOB did a great job at PSU, then got a god complex. He’s most likely one they are able to get. Not gonna be a lot of takers. Nebraska is no longer Nebraska.

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All three are great candidates.

Still the flagship school of Nebraska, still top-10 in attendance nationally, still routinely pulled in T-25 recruiting classes under Frost, has Big 10 money, and they play in the weaker of the two divisions in that league. It ain’t a top 10 job anymore but its still pretty damn good. They’ll be able to land a very good HC.

Did BoB really do a great job at Penn State, though? He was 15-9 there, and 10-6 (lol) in conference play. I mean, that’s not terrible, especially given the extraordinary circumstances, but people make it sound like he was winning championships there. He did about the same as Franklin has done after him.

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Yeah I think he was a bit overrated to be honest.

Same thing they say about his time as the Texans coach. He won the division three times and all that. Well yeah that is better than where they are currently but I mean he was 9-7 most years. He won the division because he feasted on the division foes.

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