Need a change at QB

JD , you are correct that Smith has played below par….but it’s not all on him.

He has actually regressed since last season……This is not the QB we saw beat us last year.

The coaching is putrid.

I have zero confidence that any of the other QB’s will do any better….they have had the same coaching.

I see a brutal season and then a mass exodus of players to the portal……hopefully the firing will happen soon enough for the new staff to talk some of the players into staying.

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He didn’t play that well against us last year. We just didn’t play well enough. Too many errors. He was an easy target which is why Derek got to him so much. He left Tech for a reason.


He played very well at times at Tech, but he managed to undo that with turnovers in many games. It looks like he may be trying so hard to avoid the turnovers that he’s unable to make plays. Whatever is going on, it doesn’t work.


I think Smith can be a good QB, even great, but will take Holgy 3 seasons of working with him to get there.

Since Holgy has an ironclad contract with no hot seat, he is willing to sacrifice our program to prove he was right about Smith.

Don’t expect a change at QB.

I remember thinking Tune could be really good in time. Don’t feel that way about Smith.


My family has many Tech Grads.

They all say that he is not very good. Erratic. Which is why he could not hang onto the Tech QB starting position.

A lifetime OC cannot correctly identify QB talent.


Guys need reps & opportunity. 2 handoffs & a pass on third is too thin a margin of error. Makes no sense that he’s continually put in those positions. This coaching staff is a failure.

Yep just throw a Hail Mary and Mary ain’t standing out of bounds! In all my years I have never seen that

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My observations from being at the game last night were the following. Either we have offensive coordinators who are not creative or a quarterback who is not smart enough to run more than what we are running now.
We ran the same basic four plays all night long an offense.
TCU’s offense was creating space for their receivers and their QB found them open quite a bit. Their run game was schemed better than ours.
13 points came from special teams play.
I’ve sat thru the Helton and Dimel years and couldn’t believe that our program is back to that same level again.
I’ll be going to the games but last night was disheartening.


Dana doesn’t want a QB to run. He’s stated that publicly many times. Watching Smith I can almost hear Dana’s voice in his head cussing him out for running. It’s why I think he looks slow.


Ironic that a fmr player sees this BUT the guy we pay MILLIONS to make personnel decisions can’t or refuses to


I don’t think a change of QB is gonna help anything. It is entirely possible that if we had a good coach then changing the QB might help…but it’s impossible to tell. That being said, I’ve always said if we are going to lose games, I’d much rather lose some while getting the back up some reps.

Didn’t Tune slide before the first down line like 2 years ago? Must not have many years.

Ultimately, any QB we put in is still gonna be coached by Dana, and that’s the biggest problem.


Coach him and give him a chance

I agree that it’s not all Smith’s fault, but his lack of play making ability and slow decision making is contributing to the problem.

A change is needed to create some kind of spark for this offense.

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I don’t remember that by I don’t remember anyone throwing the ball away in a fourth down situation lol. If Tune did that at least he was running


Dana is not tall enough to whisper in his ear


I’d like to see Lucas Coley start against Sam Houston. See if the kid grabs the opportunity to make plays using his feet.

Donovan is a statue behind that OL


I agree @bigmccoog. I’d love to see coley. But he must not be even close to being ready.

Hopefully, we can attract a transfer Qb that is the caliber of Rice’s Qb or a Tcu’s, both are transfers.

It would be unlikely for Donavan or coley to transfer bc they would have to sit out a year, making them solid backups with years of experience in the offense.

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