Need a change at QB

Coley is a redshirt sophomore and should be ready. There are plenty of true freshmen who get a chance to show there stuff and do well. Any freshmen will make mistakes, but so do seniors.

Our starter is a RS junior, and may be a practice All-American. In real games he doesn’t wear the protective jersey and is live bait. I think he is just too slow at mentally processing a play in progress or reading a defense. He looks like a deer in the headlights on too many plays and too many of his decisions are bad ones.

Maybe Ui Ale should be given a shot as well.


I don’t disagree Mike.

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I’d rather have their scheme than QB

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So you think it’s our scheme that is the problem?

Not the Qb?

Yes. Scheme, coaching

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I’d rather change both QB and coach.

We just watch tune our up respectable numbers in the scheme. So, it’s possible depending on the personnel.

Too many times does Smith just stand there and freezes. Either throw it or take off!


Dana has his big 12 qb. He will be here in 2 seasons. Kitna. Just wait until you see him work as a sophomore under Dana’s tutelage. So give it 4 more years and we will be fine.


Just in time for another extension