New Data: Houston is getting REALLY DANGEROUS!


This is getting to be a problem. I saw this attached to a Katy Facebook post asking Katy’s Harris County residents to vote out any Judges that may be repeatedly bonding out murderers and other violent criminals.

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here’s the problem in Harris County and if you look further into the other city’s like L.A NY and Chicago you will see that the common denominator of this crisis is the revolving door of jail reform…it’s incredible that these nuts are actually voted in to office.


Soros backed DA


I have never had the pleasure if being face to face with DA Ogg. My impression of her though was that she was very law and order oriented.

Am I wrong on that?

Very wrong on that…she allows violent criminals free on no bail…look up bail reform…its happening all over the country.


You might say it depends on the law. Documented fact that she refuses to prosecute some violent criminals and has released a great many into the public since covid panic started.


Interesting. Given that we send more people to death row I would have assumed that DA Ogg was so hard you could roller skate on her.

You mean Harris county sends more killers to death row than other Texas counties? That’s good. We have the most people so that makes sense.

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I am pretty sure Harris county sends more people to death row than any county in the country.

naw those were the good ole days when violent crimes were dealt with …its not just harris county…it’s all the major city’s in america…and like coachv said…it’s George Soros…He’s contributing millions of dollars to far left liberal prosecutors and judges all over the country to destroy the police and let all the violent criminals out…everyone needs to wake up.

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3 HPD Cops just now shot 3rd ward

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George Soros is awful, but smart. Instead of wasting humdreds of millions on political races for Senate/Congress/Governor, he has invested that money into DA’s and (anti) law enforcement in all major cities across the US. Thus widespread release of murderers, rapists, and similar.


New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Twin Cities
You all know where I am going with this.
What the common denominator?

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Ogg is part of the problem but the last round of criminal court judges are just as bad. Criminal bail “reform” and these judges let them out as fast as they get arrested. Go to crime stoppers Houston website for information and statistics.

Elections matter - remember in November


That is the point. There is a major improvement that needs to be made by candidates that want to be elected. Their communication is key. The ones that are currently elected “master” that side. It is time for that to even itself out. Be a judge or a school board member. It starts at the core.


Didn’t Soros make a major contribution to Og’s campaign?



If only Houston was as safe as Chicago.

Let’s continue to pump more guns into our country…yay!

Older readers will remember Andy Kahan from his days as a crime victims advocate with the city. He now works in a similar capacity with Crime Stoppers. This is an article he wrote that speaks directly to the topic at hand, criminal bail “reform”.

I heard him speak last month on this topic. Crime Stoppers is non-partisan and he is precluded from speaking about the courts / judges directly, but his non-Crime Stopper copresenters made it crystal clear who is letting these predators out on little or no bail.