New job?

Found this while looking to see who’ve we hired for B12.

Pez is either getting promoted or poached. Doubt hes getting canned.

They also might have someone in mind, and just have it open for legal reasons

There can also be multiple ADs

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We have the money now to hire an additional AD to take care of things that will free up more time for PEZ to concentrate on FB, BB and whatever else he deems most important…Doubt Pez is going anywhere…


Based on qualifications listed, this is pretty clearly an assistant AD position.


A Noman to go with Yezman?


We’re losing a key guy. He’s getting a great opportunity. There will be a lot of interest in the position


And he is now praying you do not done deal his new job opportunity. :slight_smile:


Is UH fully staffed in the Marketing Department?

May not be the worst thing as UH heads to the big time P5 (Big 12).

That is what I was thinking. Also where was that posted? Maybe check UH job site to get full details.


I got this. After I’m finish we’ll be on same level as the Dawgs and Bama we’ll have more NC’s than we have in Golf…guaranteed. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


We have 3 postings for Assc Ath Directors posted on 3/10/23

We need someone to hold up those cardboard checks

We need someone that has the stones to fire the baseball, softball, women’s basketball and golf coaches.


We need people who are analytically minded and realize the opportunity we have in front of us. We need AD’s who can maximize on the talent isn’t his city and keep it home.

This is a business now, and these AD’s are essentially General Managers & SVP’s for Schools


I recall CDH mentioning that they are not fully staffed in that dept. shortly after it was announced we were going to the B12.

With how little Social Media presence some of the other sports have year round (sometimes even during their respective games/seasons), I would expect them to add more personnel.

Our issues is we hire these coaches who think fully staffed is what Alabama is when we are staffed well but we hire folks who only know 1 way - we’re so spoiled we don’t know what understaffed really is so

The job posting is not for The Athletic Director because that job title is Vice President - Athletics. UH has 3 job postings that are for Assistant Athletic Directors.


Not sure why they don’t consult this board for AD-type things. We already have a crapton of bona fide geniuses on here.