New York Supreme Court Ruling

2nd highest court . On to the court of appeals

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The entire original pitch to get the vaccine was that you would help stop the spread of the covid to others and protect yourself from getting the disease and that’s what these folks got fired for. Now that we know that the vaccine does neither its hard to justify the firings. I can see some law suites coming.

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So reparations?

Some people get their news from really weird places.

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You know thats not true right,

Vaccines reduce the risk of COVID-19, Including the risk of severe illness and death among people who are fully vaccinated. In addition to data from clinical trials, evidence from real-world vaccine effectiveness studies show that COVID-19 vaccines help protect against COVID-19 infections, with or without symptoms (asymptomatic infections). Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalizations has remained relatively high over time, although it tends to be slightly lower for older adults and for people with weakened immune systems

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New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay

I know its not NPR or CNN, hope this will suffice.

That’s not where you found it though. Lol

I saw itc on my twitter feed. The link is a pointer to the fox news story.

Does not prevent the spread, which was why they supposedly created the mandate.

It doesn’t fully prevent the spread but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t prevent it in all cases. You are far less likely to spread covid if you’re vaxxed.

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It’s anecdotal but I just got COVID for the 2nd time this year from my quadruple vaxxed friends in upstate NY… And they all spread it to each other…

I had one dose of JnJ at the beginning of the year and got the omicron wave 45 days later…

If you want the vax, take it… If not, don’t take it…

But it’s time to move forward.


No one is saying otherwise.

Not the second highest court.

Actually it is the trial level.

NYS has a weird way of naming their courts

1Trial Court is Supreme Court
2 Appellate Division (1st level of appeals)
3 Court of Appeals (Highest Court in NY)

I am directly and personally the contact person for a couple of hundred people that choose not to be vaccinated and are now not working.

Speaking as an individual, I believe that this is a due process question.

I will watch closely the next steps.

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I hope they get thier jobs back and back pay. Would they be able to sue for damages?

Without getting into the weeds I would say yes to back pay with interest. As we say in my line of work “Made whole in all ways”

Is a Cardozo lawyer representing the other side?

Covid vaccine = garbage

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I’m not trying to brag or anything because I’m sure it has affected others in different ways but I got covid twice, unvaccinated and I would characterize the symptoms as mild. My bosses at work are vaccinated and have both gotten it, including another vaccinated coworker. So, it definitely was advertised incorrectly that it “stops the spread” and that it’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.